As the momma of 2 skateboarding little kiddoes, I have decided to have this page as an intro to skateboarding for the newbie momma/daddy skaters out there. I will share my favourite boards, the most reliable protection and how we learn together, and I'll share useful tips and links.
I hope this will be a tab you will find useful, and of course, feel free to email me or comment below with any question you might have.  I am more than happy to help.

There is a few fields to cover right away if you wish to teach your kid to skate:
I think little children skateboarding needs dedication. From both parent and the child. If you just want your kid to learn to skate on his own, to be active and occcupied, I think you can get far with the right equipment and the right protection. Maybe also the right youtube videos. I find this channel to be particularily useful; RIDEChannel check out Spencer Nuzzi 
You can read more about how we have been skating together ((coming soon here))

PROTECTION: First things first: your child will need protection. Bryan at SkateXS was very helpful and this is where I got the protection for our son when he first started out at 3 years old.
The younger your child is, the smaller the equipment:: I found that Triple 8 size XS-S fits both my 3 and 5 year old. And as my son has had his for the last 2 years, I know you can use the elbowpads in size XS as kneepads on even smaller kids. We used the elbowpads as kneepads for our girl from she started standing on boards at 20 months.
I also know how durable and strong these pads are; ours has been used frequently and my sons are now on their third year, and still has lots more wear in them. Your kid might not need to use wristpads at all times, maybe not even elbowpads, but you will find that the triple 8 pack will be perfect for all skateboarding occasions: at skateparks we use it all; but cruising around our neighbourhood we don't use much protection at all. Sometimes a helmet and kneepads will do.

HELMET: As helmet goes, I found that cheap helmets from department stores, just not have a good and secure fit. You need a helmet that stays firmly on their heads for proper protection and the Triple 8 brainsaver helmets surely fit well! No problems with the helmet slipping down at all. The newest model from Triple 8  Gotham even has an adjustable wheel you turn until the helmet sits perfectly on that precious head.

BUMPADS : if your kid is skating mini ramps at skateparks,  I'd recommend looking to get the triple 8 bumpad shorts: the smallest size fits my 5 year old but are still quite big to him: but they are excellent as they give a huge confidence in knowing you won't hurt your bum badly if you fall and they have been absolute magic to my son. He is immediately more of a risk taker and not so cautious when wearing them. Is say they are our best buy this season!

Not all of us can afford to get our children a special first skateboard, and the ones from the department stores can of course be ok as your childs starts to test out this new hobby, but if you buy a skateboard at a toystore, you must remember that it will only be a toy. It will also most likely be heavy and hard to turn. This also goes for complete sets you can buy at the skatestores for 99$. (Likely less in USA) as these are meant for adults and not children. Sure you can losen the bushings a little, but even still, the maple boards are heavy and will not be doing your child any good until they are about 10-12. If your child is younger you should without a doubt take a look at  SkateXS.  SkateXS makes sustainable and lightweight bamboo skateboards in a smaller scale than adult boards, but still with the pro grade parts. Thunder trucks and bones bearings, mini logo or bones wheels.
Both of my kids have SkateXS boards and I have to say, at first I was a bit worried about getting a children's board for my kids, but now I swear by it. It's like I tell people who might feel a bit sceptical of the concept of a children's board: you don't put your child on a 22" bike as they learn to ride a bike.  It makes no sense as it is impossible to maneuver and the child feet can't touch the ground;  well is the same with skateboards: a 3 or 5 year old is just not strong enough to maneuver an adult board, and they don't end up getting used to the real feeling of riding a skateboard as you normally don't have to struggle to turn or pop your board. If you are raising a budding skate pro, it simply makes perfect sense to invest in a proper children's board. And when you invest in a children's board you might as well head straight for the best you can get; and that is  SkateXS! There is a reason one of the best child skaters around,  Fox Rio, skates  SkateXS! And as these boards are eco friendly as well, I just cannot see how it could get much better than this!
 SkateXS had different complete sets,  to cater to different sizes, ages and abilities; you should definitely look at your childs size and abilities when you choose a board for them. If in doubt you can email Bryan and he will help you get the right board for your grommet as he has helped us get the right boards for ours.

Read more about skateboards, safety and terminology in the  SkateXS parental guide ((here))

For more on skateboarding, longboards, mini cruisers and general skateboarding with kids-tips see ((coming soon here))

For skateboard shoes, clothes, equipment see ((here))

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Tips: to figure out which foot your child should push the board with and which foot to have at the front,  you can do a little jump test: place the board sideways on the floor and tell your kid to jump over it.  The foot you child land on is the for they should have at the front and the for they kick the jump off with is the push foot. Another thing is to notice which foot they use to kick their scooter. This is their natural kick-push foot.

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