"The Free and Wild child blog is the worlds first children's fashion blog that focus on ethically made clothing for children, and has quickly become the number one destination for sourcing ethically produced children's wear. Conscious fashion for kids.
@freeandwildchild 's main priority is to feature sweatshop-free clothing and to support small business, natural, sustainable and eco alternative to the mainstream fashion industry.
We are also expanding to cover toys, interiors and plant based hair and skin products"

Hi! my name is Karianne and I am the mother of two wild little things, Mr C(8) and Miss W(6). We live in NSW, Australia.
In August 2010, I left my family and friends in Norway, and arrived Australia 8 months pregnant with my son. It was a lonely journey, becoming a mother so far away from everyone I know and love, and I think the blogging came naturally from there. At first I had a food blog, called 'Bare Barnematen', but in March 2014 I decided to make a children's blog focused on kind children's fashion and so 'Free and Wild child' was bornEveryone was taking pictures of their children standing by walls and I just couldn't get mine to stand still so I named my blog after my oh so free and oh so wild little kids. It's been the perfect name and it has been an absolutely epic journey to get to work with some of the biggest and most responsible brands in children's fashion, and to form friendships from all over the world. 
Sustainability and fairness is a major effort that some brands make because they truly do care about the children who will be wearing their garments and about the environment. Their production costs more but their result has not cost the people making their garments nor the planet an unfair price. And I genuinely think this is the future.
This is why this blogs main focus is ethically produced clothing, small business and in many cases organic and recycled materials.

About the blog:
-You can easily find whatever you are looking for by using my brands tab at the top which is all the brands we have blogged to date. It is definitely the core of this blog and labels covers all the where of production, how it was made etc.  
-For styling tips: check the editorial/shoots label
-To find organic or ethical products look under organicorganic & friendly or ethical.
-To find handmade items, look under made by hand
-To get to know a brand: their past and present collections, press the brands name in the label section: (All brands are tagged with their names to make brand search easy) 
-The friends are the stores and brands that makes this all a possibility and you can easily check out their inventory by clicking their logo. 
-To see whats new for the season, or to go down memory lane with past seasons, press the AW or SS label for the year you are looking to know about. 
-To find the origin of a brand or production or you are looking for something from a specific place, look under the made in ...  and designed in ... labels. 
-If you can't find a brand or label you would like to see:: please email me at HELLO

::Note::: If you cannot find a brand in our brands list, but you know that there has been a feature done, it may be that I haven't been able to figure out the manufacturing policies of that brand. If you have any questions of comments about this or you would like specifics of a brand, please email me through our contact form. 

The sponsors are the people who make this blog a possibility: i know many get annoyed with links and tags, as it feels like an ad: truth is that these brands and stores don't have million dollar budgets for advertising campaigns: They do everything on their own and out of pocket: THEY deserve all the features they get, so it is with pride and gratitude I tag and name drop these beautiful brands and stores.

I hope that you will enjoy our blog, and find some unexpected treasures. 
The brands and stores we suggest are always top quality brands and great customer service online stores. 

Don't forget to sign up to email subscription (top right) , so you get notified when we have something new and amazing to share.

Thank you for your time, love and support

Kindest regards 

Disclaimer: In some cases of the things I blog about I don't know the origin of the production process: it is sadly impossible to always be completely accurate. If I am unsure about the production I will not label it organic & friendly or Ethical.
If it is not in those labels, it means i just don't know.

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