Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Hi guys! 
We have two little guests with us in todays post, as my friend has the cutest coolest little boys, and I have been dying to have them here on the blog with Miss W! So when I was preparing a blogpost to share with you some of our favourite pieces from HUXBABY's latest collection, I immediately called her and asked if I could pretty please borrow her little dudes for a while. And she said YES! And I am so happy to share with you these snaps, because 1) It is not often I get to photograph little kids anymore, mine are growing up so quickly 2) and they are so incredibly cute! I love dressing little boys up!! 
When I thought of where we could go, I figured it had to be the beach or the rockpools, and I landed on the rockpools: there is just so much to look at and do over there, it's also got the best light around sunset! It was nice and warm when we got there, but the wind picked up really quickly, and the kids kept climbing into/falling into rockpools and so we had to hurry up and get the little darlings home in the bath. Miss W even put on a little show for the little guys, jumping up and down in the big rockpools getting herself completely and utterly soaked. She still insisted on hot chips on the way home though, so I guess all that jumping kept her warm!
It really made for a wild, fun, and cold, and wet, winters afternoon! 

Huxbaby is a Melbourne based brand that is all organic and ethically made. I have known Jen for years now, and I love that she has organically grown her business from a few tees, to what it is now, a full blown collection of gorgeous shades of blush, beige, blue, black and grey. And as super soft monochrome yumminess needs shoes to go with, VANS from Camino kids, made the perfect match. I also found a way to sneak in the cutest Milk And Masuki organic cotton twill bomber jacket, also from Camino Kids. For details on who wears what, and direct link to the individual pieces, see the bottom of the post. 

I hope your week is off to a beautiful (warm) start my loves.


Kari and the los tres amigos 

A special thank you to my gorgeous friend for coming with me and Miss W to dress up and photograph her little dudes!!! Love always xx 

Baby V is wearing:

Lil Mr R is wearing:

Miss W is wearing:


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