Thursday, 14 June 2018


You guys, I am so happy to finally share this little autumn daze adventure with you! 
Miss W had her best friend Miss A over last weekend, visiting for the day, and I asked the girls if they wanted to come with me to a fabulous little place, before I'd take them out to buy some art supplies. And they did! So we headed out to the more rural part of town, and explored!
They had such a fun time just playing around in the red leaves and just being silly. I wanted to create a bit of a 70's feel, as the Suede Daze's boho themed t-shirts really are straight out of the era of the gorgeous and lovely hippie days ~ I love the colours and prints on these beautiful tees, and they surely do take us back, to a time of Boney M, Woodstock and Bob Dylan, wavy dresses, long flowwy hair and big sunglasses. I told the little ladies about the hippies, how they would be dancing around in their big flowery dresses and sunnies, twirling around and letting their long hair fly in the wind, loving nature, loving flowers, probably also loving autumn leaves.... 
So we twirled and made our hair flow, and we were just having fun! 
I paired the beautiful little tees with our favourite denims, by I dig denim, Vans from our friends at camino kids, lovely knitted cardigans from Long Live The Queen and The Animals Observatory. 
And to top it off, Sons + Daughters sunglasses for the win! 

We are so lucky to live in such an amazing place on earth: Filled with sunshine and diversity in nature. We are surrounded by beaches, national parks, sand dunes, waterfalls, bush, ocean, rural farm land, and I absolutely love it here. 
And in this little part of our beautiful town, there is actual, european looking autumn colours and leaves, and this place makes me feel at home, where all the trees shed all their leaves before wintertime. Most trees in this part of the world, don't change colours, or even drop their leaves, so it's really special to find places like this, where someone planted so many amazing maple trees, creating a little memory lane for everyone who grew up with this being a natural part of the changing of the seasons. It surely does make me nostalgic. When I was in my late teens I moved next to the royal castle in Oslo /Norway, and the park leading up to the castle, and all around, was filled with maple trees. And my short legged and adorable little basset hound Alba and I, would be running through the autumn leaves being silly. It was the best. Running in Autumn leaves, will always and forever remind me of that. And her. And now, these two gorgeous little babes <3

I hope the weather is sunny and your lungs are full of fresh air, no matter if it is autumn, or summer time where you are.


Karianne and the little hippies

Miss W is wearing

Miss A is wearing 
The Animals Observatory knitted cardigan


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