Tuesday, 15 May 2018


I grew up in a land far far away, and I came to Australia, 8 months pregnant with my little man. I haven't gotten to see much of Australia at all. It's such a massive place, and I cannot wait till one day I can say that I have travelled, at least a little, in this gorgeous country. The if-I-ever-go-anywhere place that has topped my list ever since I got here, is Jervis Bay. I have seen amazing images from Jervis bay. The white sand and the amazing coloured water, the kangaroos on the beach, the possums.... So so pretty. And when the opportunity was there, we all decided YES, it is time for a camping trip! We headed to Green patch, Jervis bay. So incredibly beautiful -even though we were not lucky with the weather at all. And there was no roos on the beach either. It was a couple of grey and cloudy and stormy, rainy and chilly days.... But the sand remained the whitest sand in the world, and the place captured our hearts. Especially those moments when the sun broke through the clouds and we had a few hours of sunshine and turquoise ocean to play in. 
My kids first ever holiday! Im so happy I have gotten to go here, and I cannot wait till we return!

As we are heading into AUTUMN over here, I try to make sure the summer outfits I blog, can also be worn over here through the Australian winter, and the dutch brand 
Long Live The Queen is the perfect brand for this!! 
In a world where there is  so much of everything, Long Live The Queen is on a journey to search for materials that are already there. To reduce the footprint they leave behind and be more aware of the use of materials, Long Live The Queen has created an irresistible collection  full of easy to wear pieces in the most beautiful colours, made of  upcycled fabrics, organic jerseys and soft knits. We have fallen in love with this amazing quality brand, and I have to tell you, the fabrics are so soft and so good, you will absolutely love everything they create. Our favourite piece would be the orange knitted blazer, what an amazing statement piece! It is so bright and so well made, every little girl would absolutely love it. And its so nice and warm too! -And as I was putting together these amazing pieces I was daydreaming about shoes that could take my breath away. I felt that this shoot had to be done barefooted as I could't possibly think of what I wanted to match perfectly with the gorgeous LLTQ brand. But then, I found them! Drumroll::
Enter MAISON MANGOSTAN sandals! 
I am so happy that I was able to source a pair of their epic little Maison Mangostan SS18 Guajava flatforms from our friends at Leo and Bella. These handmade flatform sandals have the most epic rainbow sole and are made from the highest quality leather. The leopard printed calf hair had Miss W at Hello! These shoes are so well made, and even better, they are made in the most environmental friendly way and so super comfy and cute and coolthat I will be lucky to ever get them off her ever again!!!

What an epic outfit. And what a beach. And what an amazing afternoon we had, her and I, playing in the sand that looks like salt, on the cloudiest day, in the most magical little place on earth. 

I have so much more to share from our amazing little trip, so please, stay tuned my loves


Karianne and Lilo and Ishak -the husky pup

All the clothing
from our dear friends at ///

Miss W is wearing

We got our sandals from our friends at ///

These sandals are made by the fabulous ///

And Miss W's waterbased non-toxic nailpolish is 
french NailMatic from 


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