Tuesday, 22 May 2018


The first days of autumn 2018, we spent with friends at Green Patch / Jervis bay. What a beautiful place to visit. As I have already told you 
we were not so lucky with the weather as we were there, it was chilly and cloudy most of the time, but there was a glimpse of pure magic when the sun cut through the clouds and of course, it was everything! In the top photo, you can see the rocks going around a little island, we explored that way the first day: the boys saw amora eels and lots of different sea creatures whilst snorkling... You do get a bit weary in the south coast waters, as they are known for great white sharks. You wouldn't go swimming here at dusk, thats for sure.
 We met a few kangaroos, was surrounded by cute little possums and we had a lovely time away from home. 
Miss W is a cool little lady, she doesn't mind that I follow along taking pictures while we explore. Maybe she doesn't mind because I don't do it all the time? Or maybe it's because she gets to just do her own thing: I don't direct her at all, I just follow along as she explores the world. It's so nice to be able to capture these moments of them growing up, and every time its been a while since I took my camera for a walk, I miss it. they grow so fast and I guess this is my way of holding on... 

Miss Lilo was so lucky to get to try out the beautiful dutch brand Long Live The Queen, and we have just fallen in love with all these amazing pieces! The sproty shorts are made from the softest terry, and is of course chic and perfect for the beach. Especially the worlds whitest beach! Epicness! The tee is so soft, and the cut is perfection. We both love this green but it comes in an array of different colourways. Perfect for the Australian autumn / winter months and for the european summers. I love that LLTQ reuse fabrics already made, in order to not cost the planet more production. Its a brilliant way to work : there is so much left over fabric from all the different brands who all want their own thing. It's so good to know it wasn't wasted. 

I have one colourful little blogpost left from our little camping trip, and I can't wait to share it with you all. Thank you so much for still visiting our little blog. It's been a very random couple of seasons, as we have needed desperately to tend to health and family, more that photo and adventure, which of course makes my heart sink, as we have worked so hard to build this blog up to what it is today: I don't want to let it fall into nothingness, but at the same time, family and health before everything else... 
But we are in a good place at the moment, and we will be here sharing with you, whenever we can! 

I hope your day is smiling at you


Karianne and the little mermaid 

All the clothing
from our dear friends at ///

Miss W is wearing


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