Thursday, 12 April 2018


My loves, I am so happy to share with you a new brand to the blog: Numero 74. 
The fact that it hasn't been on the blog before is actually unreal, as I have adored this brand for the past 5 years, but something always came in the way for a feature:: But it was totally worth the wait: Numero 74 are masters of muslin /cotton and is the softest and loveliest pieces you can possibly imagine. This brand are masters of timeless pieces that will last through the generations, and will definitely withstand the test of time and trends. These pieces will never be out of fashion.
Numero 74 is an Italian brand that was founded by two cousins, Poupy Sfez & Nancy Fanton. After launching in 2009, the brand drew attention with their conceptual range of beautiful textiles and vintage furniture for kids, and has continued to develop and grow with each new collection. 
And at the heart of Numero 74 is their desire to appeal to children, as much as to their parents, to keep childhood dreams alive, to add a little poetry and beauty to a child’s life, and to let their imagination run wild free. Rediscover you inner child today with Numero 74…

Numero 74 are known world wide, for their immaculate home and decoration range, baby range, imaginary play and clothing lines. There is nothing this brand doesn't to amazingly. 
You can find Eglantine @nomadeshome Her instagram gallery is just gorgeous. 

Miss W and I (and the boys, yes of course, but it's not really about the boys today) headed on a big adventure, twice, to see if we could make some amazing memories with Numero 74, and we did!
We had one amazing trip to our favourite park, Fagan park, where we played and explored for a little while, but then the sky opened up and so we had to run into the cars, soaked to the skin. We love Fagan park. So much to do, so much to explore, so fun on the ferry, so beautiful down in Berowra Waters, so yummy the kids pizza...... 
The next adventure we went on, was to Gloucester. Far far into the land, we found a gorgeous little river, where we got to play along butterflies and lush ferns and green grass. It is so so gorgeous up there, I just adore all the green. We also stopped at a little town called Straud, which instantly became a little favourite town. We will definitely head back up that way sometime in the near future, to explore the mountain tops. Straud has a public pool facility, that is completely free of charge, and not one icecream or lolly stand in sight! it was the best! 

But, though pools and swims are amazing, the most amazing thing was that we found a patch of butterflies, Miss W and I, and as we walked closer, we got surrounded by lovely yellow butterflies everywhere in the air around us! It was pure magic, my loves and a moment I wont ever forget.

Yours Truly. 

Kari and the little butterfly fairy

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