Saturday, 10 March 2018


Most days this summer, we have been to the beach. It's been exactly what we have needed to wash off all the stress from last year and start off fresh. All you need is vitamin Sea! If you knew the amount of obstacles we faced at the end of last year, you would not be surprised to know that as a result, my hair has begun falling out from the stress of it all. it was t h a t bad. But the days by the ocean, the entire holiday, was so good for the mind body and soul, and I am so happy to know, we overcame it all and had a really good time together! Now everyone have their daze at school and I get to recharge and find my way back to being a happy momma. It's all good.
Speaking of beach daze, I have to tell you, when you live by the beach, like we do, you get a lot of sand into your life: washing machine, bed, carpets, shoes, everywhere, but what is even better, is discovering the amazingness of Turkish towels, because as oppose to fluffy towels, Turkish towels are quick drying and the sand falls off with just a shake! It is so good! Especially for the washing machine!!! 
My friend Bev from Chasing Sundays, make the BEST Turkish towels around, and we LIVE in these gorgeous ponchos all summer long. When not in the ocean, we are in the ponchos.
So handy, so chic and so so light and comfy. The kids absolutely love them. So would yours, I promise!

Happy happy new week loves, I hope you are all ready for the amazing school holidays coming up!
Fingers crossed for the weather staying beachweather!!



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