Thursday, 29 March 2018


And at the same time as big things are happening with R&C in the big ol' USA, other big things are happening in the english country side. Chapter 2 kids, the little shoe company that gave us the monkey boot, has been super busy and dropped their gorgeous collection "Colours of the tribe" that features The Wren, the Jackdaw boot and the fuzziest little buzzard shoes.  We decided to try the black Jackdaw boot, with the gorgeous beige laces. I love that these boots have no metal on them what so ever! As you know, metal and salt water doesn't match and living by the sea, I find most of our shoes with any metal on them (except saltwater sandals that is) tends to get a bit rusty or faded. The leather is amazingly soft and the boot is just adorable and so classic. And Miss W said they are so super comfy, even to jump around in. These boots match a winters day in wooly cardigans and pants, a gorgeous dress on a summers night, and even matched with a classic pair of teeny little shorts. They are so versatile and beautiful. I stuck on a knee high pair of La Coqueta kids socks as well, that mustard colour with the blue chambray, is so beautiful. 

So we went out, Miss W, her husky Ishak, and I, to play down by the rocks, because the light is so lovely there, and there is soooo much to do. So many rocks to jump, so many shells to find, and so many rock pools to investigate. As Miss W now is in school, her days are so long, from 9 till 3pm she is away, learning to read and playing with friends, and she comes home so exhausted afterwards. Not often will she feel up for doing anything after school, but this time we managed and we both slept so well afterwards. How hard the transition into school can be for our little darlings, but thank goodness she loves school, well, I think she does. She now has 5 boyfriends so I think she is doing alright.  
My little darling. 

But I wanted to say a sincere thank you, to everyone who still drops by and reads our blog from time to time. We so appreciate it. I know our posts are not as frequent as before, but we will still pop by from time to time. 

Have a wonderful week loves


Karianne, Lilo and the husky pup

Miss W is wearing


Saturday, 17 March 2018


Nununu, what can I say! I fell hard in love with this israeli made brand when I was introduced to it  ages ago. I rememeber the first ever Nununu we had: Powder pink speckle tights for Miss W from Hipkin kids in Melbourne. It was on sale and I just had to try this brand I heard so much about and I LOVED it! Miss W loved it! 
Amazing quality no matter what they make, the best smelling clothing in the entire business of children's clothing and masters of the monochrome and edgy clothing for kids.  

Miss W and I love exploring where its safe where as the boys always love exploring where they are pushing boundaries: This gorgeous place is so good for both: The dudes can balance on slippery rocks as far as the eye can see, and Miss W and I hung out in little caves, swimming, picking shells and just having the best time together. It had been so long since I last explored with just her, and the light and the temperature was absolutely amazing. I made this little adventure all dark, and I hope you will love the way I edited these images. It was fun to push my own limits a little. 

It feels good to be back my loves, thank you for all the love you give!
It doesn't go unnoticed! 


Karianne and the little bada$$es <3 

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(this season has swimsuit instead) 

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