Monday, 29 January 2018


When Bobo Choses makes a collection, they always always find an inspirational inspiration source. They have been inspired by the great mountain ranges, the amazing olympics, the glorious 60's, the great artists of der blaue Reiter, and this time, the inspiration source is an incredible woman we should all know, Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall is an amazing lady who has devoted her life, to the world of animals. She has spent numerous years in Gombe Africa, learning about chimpanzees. And she is as kind and genuine as they come. A wonderful role-model to all the little animal lovers out there, full of curiosity and wonder, and an excellent choice for Bobo Choses SS18 collection.

"Our Spring Summer 2018 collection Never-ending Summer is inspired by Goodall’s life and the never-ending curiosity of children who love to ask questions" ~ Bobo Choses 

When Jane Goodall was little, she got a little toy chimp she named Jubilee. My little Miss W has a little toy puppy named after her real puppy, Happy. They really love the world of birds, so we headed down to the cove and hung out with the pelicans and seagulls. When she grows up, Miss W is going to become an animal doctor and a human doctor. That is what she says now at least. Hopefully this passion will just grow in time.
We always get our Bobo fix from Buckets and spades in Melbourne (but world wide shipping is of course available too!) and now, you can get your salt water sandals from Bucket's as well! 
Double win this summer!!! I always said @bucketsandspades is a one stop destination for all the pretty things for kids <3

I hope you are all well and wonderful darlings. Happiest of new years to you all.


Me and my sunshine