Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Springtime! The most wonderful, hopeful, fresh and new season. I love spring and all that comes with it, yeah, I wont even complain about the endless sneezes and hayfever! It's all for the sake of my favourite season: spring! Our neighbourhood is in full bloom, and I just wanted to go out with Miss W for a little walk, and capture our hood. It's so beautiful here, I appreciate the gorgeousness of this place, every single day. It's much different to where I am from. I moved here 7 years ago now, from the Norwegian woods: Oslo/ Norway, and though I miss everything about my gorgeous country and its magnificent nature, I also appreciate the beauty of this incredible place. Breathtaking blue hues, soft sandy beaches, lovely warm sun all year around, palmtrees, and flowers in bloom everywhere. I love our town. I love the wild life. I would miss all the birds if I ever left (which will never ever happen. But just saying) 
I also love Australian children's fashion. The surf culture is so strong here, palmtrees and everything tropical is all around us, and our wonderful friend from Munster Kids reflect this so well in all their cool and chic pieces for kids 0-15 years. All their clothing is made for rough play and caters to all the little skaters, surfers, BMX'ers and all the other cool kid around. Munster kids are not afraid to use colours, and to design clothing that could just as well be worn by mom and dad, but sadly, this remains a children's brand, so step aside adults, this here just ain't for you (but we can always hope and enjoy these amazing pieces on our lovely kiddoes instead!!)  

Miss W loves everything sparkly, golden, shiny... Which is funny because she really and truly is such a little tomboy: FULL of attitude (but then again, what 5 year old girl isn't?), she jumps non stop, she skateboards everywhere she goes, she climbs ropes easily 6 meters up in the sky, she loves playing soccer and she is into everything fun and daring. But, she is also a little lady, and she loves dresses and skirts and this outfit, is a perfect Miss W outfit: Her brothers Munster Kids rubber soft black tee and her own Missie Munster Pretty champagne skirt matched with Lillster socks worn-out hand-me-down half cab Vans from Knapstore Soooo perfect for jumping and twirling in. 

We even met some bee friends and we had the most wonderful afternoon, her and I, just us two...
I enrolled her into school yesterday.... I can't believe we have gotten to this point, and my heart breaks a little when I think of my days without her from feb. But, little children grow up, isn't that just the reality of it all? We then have 3 kids in primary school and our biggest dude in his last year of school: year 12!
Like... Seriously!

Hoping you are enjoying your spring days also, or Autumn, if you are on the other side of the planet.

Happy days my loves 



Miss W is wearing


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