Monday, 20 November 2017


The FWC christmas gift guide is finally UP and running you guys, YAY! 
And first up is MICRO scooters!! 
Everybody knows Micro! But, please don't let that stop me from telling you all about our own little Micro journey through life. 

We have pinked it up a little bit with pink handle grippink bell and the smartest little bag that hooks up to the scooter easily, and can be taken off and go with your child everywhere! BEST! This is such an affordable way to make the dude scooter girl friendly. (ok, so Miss W doesn't need things to be pink, but she does need to personalise her stuff for it to be actually hers, and when given a choice, she will go for a pink or rainbow alternatives and this time, we went all out)

Lu loves doing tricks, but he is mostly in it for the speed and Mr C is still learning how to roll with a 2 wheeled scooter as he has mostly been riding skateboards or used the Micro Mini and Maxi, which is a bit of a different experience all together, but he loves his new scooter and he is getting the hang of it really quickly. I love that this can be their go to whenever they need in the future, it is built so well and the quality is absolutely unbeatable!

You might ask, as you all know we are a skateboarding family, why we have scooters as well, so please let me tell you the 3 main reasons why we definitely need both. 
The main reason why I feel the kids need a scooter, is that it gives them the freedom to bring wheels that 1) doesn't make much noise (as opposed to skateboards which can tend to get a bit loud) 2) can be easily packed in the car (as opposed to their BMX bikes) 3) they can just roll into the sunset on their own without an adult. (ok, so the dudes are really good at skating on their own, but Miss W still needs help with her skateboarding and scooting gives her the freedom she craves to go fast on her own!

I have a little # on instagram called #fwcrocksmicroscooters where you can practically see them grow up with their scooters! It's the cutest little walk down memory lane! And, biggest tip, you will love the little videos!!

I hope you dig our little scooting adventure and that you will hook your kids up with the best of the best in scooters! Swiss made, free shipping on all scooters, Micro has something for everyone, big and small, young and old. 

Which scooter is going to be under your christmas tree? 


Karianne and the scoot crew! 

Miss W is riding

Miss W is wearing

Mr Lu is riding

Mr Lu is wearing

Mr C is riding

Mr C is wearing


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