Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Hey gorgeous friends!!
A couple of weeks ago, we had to head to the city for appointments and meetings, so we decided to make a day of it.
We headed to the city, on a normal weekday, and we only had one child to look after as the other 3 were in school, and it was actually pretty nice to be able to focus solely on one kids happiness - and in turn, she was happily exploring the whole day! It's nice with days that break up the routine a little, and lets us just go with the flow rather than the planned and scheduled normal routine... A good lunch was had and love lovely little city pearls was discovered. Sydney harbour bridge is such a good starting point, if you want to explore Sydney. We parked right underneath and walked down to the rocks and then down to the harbour. Sydney is just glorious always, and even though I have lived over here (and in the city for 4 years) I still cannot get over the view of Sydney opera house and the harbour bridge. They are both, indeed, spectacular. We ran around, playing hide and seek, jumping, twirling, peeking into every little doorway, looking for ghosts, giggling and laughing. We ate hotdogs at the Bavarian Bier Cafe at the rocks and were just being a bunch of silly parents with a little kid, making her day all kinds of fun in return for all her patience in the car. 

I love playing with city photography, so I decided to dress her up a little for the adventure. We landed on the Feather drum Beatrice tulle skirt and a Munster Kids snake tee. It was the perfect outfit for a fun day! Throw on a pair of white converse and this dress goes from super pretty to uber cool. Step aside all Sydney fashion bloggers! There is a new style queen in town! (ooooh SNAP!) 

I hope you dig this post from our early springtime Sydney day :)
And that all your adventures are fun and silly as well!

All the love


Miss W and the City. 

Miss W is wearing


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