Monday, 30 October 2017


When I saw that Little Goodall made little Lion coats, I knew I had to get one for this little charmer! Mr L is a little lion dude and all things lion was made for him. It was such a good feeling to hand this coat over to Ingrid as a surprise! They both really love this amazing little coat, that is probably the most amazing piece of clothing I have ever seen! This coat is full of detail and it is so lush and warm and snug! The wool is soft the colour amazing, every little kid would be lucky to have a coat this magical!
I love the little claws on the coat. 

Here is what Ingrid has to say about this gorgeous piece!

I’m so excited to share my “Little Lion” adventures in his beautiful and quirky wool Lion coat from the handmade USA brand Little Goodall.
This LUXE Lion coat is one of the cutest garments I have seen.  Both very stylish and playful. How fun wouldn’t it be to be a kid and get dressed up in a Lion coat?! That’s exactly what Mr L thinks! He loves to get dressed up now to go outside and play in the Australian Winter and even wear his hood up!
The talented mamma Molly designs them in USA and she got the idea when her son didn’t want to wear his hood up. She designed it us a lion and then of course he would wear it up!
Her details are so amazing on her coats. It’s has the cutes Lion hood (you can take it off if you want to be more formal and the same with the Lion tail). To get that extra details it has even clothes on the hands.
I adore her beautiful design on the Cecil Lion shirt. It’s a hand sewn Lion which raps around the front to the back and his tail and ears you can touch.
It’s a fantastic heirloom garment which you can pass on to the next generation. They are truly a piece of handcrafted Art!  Molly Designs now a big variety of coats in different animals from a Dino to a Rabbit. Which one will you pick ?!
Wish you all an amazing day exploring!

Ingrid xxx

Ingrid is a children's Photographer and a regular contributor to FWC blog.
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Mr C is wearing
Wool Socks:

Friday, 27 October 2017


So, I kinda thought my blogpost debut a few months ago would be a first and a last, but then we were hit up by the Timberland crew who wanted to feature us [as in the whole family] in their Family campaign, alongside their iconic 6" boot! These super chill urban boots are so good, and I have to say, just as awesome as they were when I got my first pair 22 years ago!  Their leather is solid and beautiful, the fit is comfortable and the soles are great for any terrain, urban jungles, tropical bushland and Norwegian woods. The 6" boot has been a hip hop staple since the early 90's. Pac, Biggy, all them boys were lacing up their Timbs back then, as they are today. This is the same boot that Jay Z wears in 'crazy in love', that Kanye ties with a twist and Wu Tang wore as a staple. But this boots amazing journey didn't begin there, the Yellow boot was first introduced to the world in 1973, when Timberland was established in the US of A.  
"The Timberland 6″ Work Boots – known as Style #10061 to the brand’s employees or by their street monicker “Timbs” – have come a long way since their release in 1973. Originally designed as a hard-wearing boot for New England construction workers, the six-inch high waterproof nubuck shoe has become synonymous with hip-hop style, appearing on the feet – and in the songs – of everyone from Notorious B.I.G. to Kanye West" ~ high snobriety. 
But who wears the Timberland boot in 2017? The market has gotten endlessly wide, and the 6" boot is chic, casual, reliable, classy, comfortable and cool, worn by everyone from workers to super models to fashion bloggers, hikers, musicians and celebrity kids.

Special thank you's goes to Timberland Australia, for this amazing opportunity to feature this iconic boot and thank you also to the beautiful Sarah from Portobello for making this all happen. We had a super nice day in the city and it is soooo awesome to say that our [only] family photos were taken by the one and only super talented Mitch Tomlinson from Life Without Andy. What an amazing team and what an incredible experience for this humble little family from a little coastal town in Australia. 

I hope you will enjoy the interview, and that you will love these captures of all of us in the FWC family. 
[Minus Mike (17). Mike had big bro stuff to do]

Thanks all!! Much LOVE <3 


Karianne and the legendary FWC crew! 

To read the interview about us on Timberland:

All boots in this feature are the iconic 6" boot.