Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Hi loves! Something a little different today, and trust me, there will be some big changes happening forwards, but first things first, Hello Happy and Lilo! I took the two monkeys (read: a girl and her pup) out for a little morning (read : Afternoon) and play the other day, where we did facepaint (only the girl) (with No Nasties amazing all natural play make-up and facepaint) and bounced around like a bunny (only the pup) and rolled around in the lush grass (them both)
If you have followed us on instagram for a while, you will know that we are all about ethically made children's fashion. And when I meet people with the same passion for fashion, I can't help to feel the love a bit deeper when the environment and people behind the product are well looked after. Ziraffe store is all about children, creativity, good design and the ethics behind the fashion as well, so we are a perfect match <3  From their store, I landed on featuring some amazing Wolf & Rita pieces from their recent AW17/18 collection. We love Wolf & Rita in our house #fwcwearswolfandrita but I have actually never blogged this gorgeous Spanish brand before, and I figured: It was high time! Wolf & Rita pieces are elegant and of super high quality: A little quirky and always beautifully crafted to perfection:: And also, if you know me well, you know I'm a sucker for denim eeerrthang, I just love denim blue hues, and when I saw that Wolf & Rita had denim trackies done super soft, it was a no brainer! Now, first off: The jumpsuit is a size 6 and Miss W is about to turn 5, so yes, it is oversized on her, but you kinda want to make pieces like these last a while... she could easily have had size 4 this season, but it wouldn't fit next season, and where is the fun in that? It is so soft! This brushed fleece is AAAAAAhmazing mamas! I cant even believe it's not actually denim, the colour is flawless (as you can tell when you see the jumper next to a pair of i dig denim jeans! Killing it!)
As always a converse type shoe is perfection: White converse will make any outfit cool (especially if they are a little filthy looking... no brand new shiny whites over hurr!)  and the black leather MAA's (Still kicking it after 3 years, yep, they be hand-me-downs from Mr C) works SO well with the jeans and jumper!

Ziraffe store is a gorgeous online store owned by gorgeous mamas Katie and Yunyi, and you can read all about them and their goals with their website, (( here ))  They have the most amazing brands in their store, like Wynken, kids on the moon, Wolf & Rita, munster kids, motoreta, once, to mention a few... but they also have the best idea for recycling nicely work clothing:: check out the amazing mamas and the Loved By community, 

Ziraffe LovedBy_Community™ is a platform where you can buy and sell previously loved children’s clothes within a trusted community of families. We believe in:

Happy is as always in her incredible Rogue Royalty leather collar and leash. I have to tell you, Rogue Royalty has the best of the best for anyone with a big and powerful dog, we get compliments everywhere we go for her leather accessories and I know I can rest assured that she is stuck with me when she is wearing them. Happy is very friendly and calm and kind, but she is strong as well and only the best is good enough for our girl <3 

I hope you will love our little afternoon play and get inspired to get your child some amazing no nasties play makeup and some fabulously soft Wolf & Rita.
And I hope your week will be wonderful!!


All the love from Karianne and the wild ones

Miss W is wearing
Happy is wearing



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