Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Hey HEY you guys! It has been the most busy of seasons over here, so much to do with schoolwork and work, Mr LU just won GOLD in his first ever wrestling match, Mr C is a full time reader now, Miss W never stops, just like her momma, and we have all had this cough and chesty thing happening on top of super duper warm weather (hello 33 degrees first day for spring!) and then Happy needed to get desexed (which was not originally the plan) and so it's all happening and we are now jumping into summer with both feet in the sand! But first, lets not forget that we are still in spring and on the other side of the pond, there is AUTUMN happening, so we took BOBO AW17/18 out for a little Aussie beach play on a really windy chilly afternoon! 

Bobo Choses drop 2 was quickly followed by their WIMAMP collection as well, and we were so lucky to find our faves of the drop from Buckets and Spades. WIMAMP you can only get from the stores, but you can contact Buckets and Spades through DM's on instagram and I'm sure she would help you out. However, these gorgeous pieces are up online, and available right now, world wide. The intarsia morning sea knit is to DIE FOR! Gah, the chunk of the knit is just edible, the fluffy softness is everything. I love yarns and I appreciate a lovely soft yarn for the winter months (hello there chilly scadi upbringing) and this knit keeps your little one warm and toasty. I love the detail of the buttons in the boat neck as well as the gorgeous and vibrant colours. I also wanted a memory from the Dear World collection and its lovely environment friendly messages, so I landed on some Plastic is over socks and the beanie. I love beanies and every AW we stock up o beanies because they truly are 'the dot of the i' (which we say in Norwegian, meaning kinda something along the lines of 'creme of the crop') The TIDE skirt in rust  will be perfect for the summer month, it is so sheer, I just adore it. The cotton is more of a woven-linen feel and so lovely! I also went for a pair of Bobo tights: As beanies, tights and socks just make the outfit special(Any outfit) and its just so nice to have some variations. We went for the flocks rusty red this time around.  I love this print. So classic and creative. And of course we smacked on that super awesome vintage Bobo adventure backpack and our amazing little beige and gold VANS from Romper Stomper kids! Miss W and Happy the pup, played around on the sand for ages, Happy ate something that made her throw up, but other than that, it was the most cruisy and chill afternoon, just us girls. 

I hope your season is wonderful and that the weather is crisp but sunny and life smiles on you. 

All the love


Karianne and the little sand monsters 

Miss W is wearing
all things current from 
Bobo Choses morning sea knit
Bobo Choses TIDE skirt in rust
Bobo Choses flocks rusty red tights

from Mini model Gallery


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