Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Hey my loves! I am so happy to be back after this little break (read: flu and chest infections all around and not sunbathing on a lovely little beach in France.. if you were wondering...) featuring the little dude label from the amazing Amsterdam label: Scotch & Soda, Scotch Shrunk SS17! Shrunk is exactly like big brother brand Scotch and Soda, and no detail or expense has been spared in the quality and creation of these amazing threads and the little dudes absolutely loves the colours and the artwork! We always head straight to Buckets and Spades at every drop, this playful brand, has really become a favourite over here. Even better, Scotch And Soda has a very strict code of conduct they follow from production to end, and I love that about them. 
Our kids are pretty amazing climbers and this sunday we took them out to our new favourite park ever, and we had a little market shop, a big play and a climb (yes, I was even climbing with my camera to get some of these shots!) The massive gum tree was blown over in a huge storm and is now laying across the water: Still growing, with her roots firmly in the ground surrounding the saltwater lagoon ~ how amazing she is! The colours and the light in here is amazing! The light dapples through the leaves and the colour of the stem and the water underneath just makes this the most amazing place to explore! Mr C threw himself from branch to branch and Lu climbed up the tallest trees ever! Gah these kids are incredible little humans, I wish I had half the strength and ability they have! (Yep Im their biggest fan! They amaze me every day!) 

I hope you enjoy this little adventure! 

Have a wonderful week my darlings 


Karianne and the climber dudes 

Mr Lu is wearing

Mr C is wearing


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