Monday, 7 August 2017


Little kids love play makeup! Creativity in play is what we are all about, natural and fun, happy to use facepaints, happy to dress up... so, why not let her play with her own play makeup? After all, it is just play. Well, first let me tell you my reasons for why not:: I use everything non toxic (and mostly organically sourced) on my skin and I just could not believe the ingredient list of the play makeup from toy stores! It was appalling! I would NEVER let my children wear anything on their skin from a toy store: They make children's nail polish with formaldehyde! The glitter tattoos she was given for her birthday had actual super glue in it to be put directly on her gorgeous skin and I couldn't get it off for WEEKS! Say WHAT? Yep, I am not kidding you! My biggest advise is that you must steer away from play makeup from toy stores, unless of course, they have gone all the way and brought in No Nasties play makeup! No Nasties play makeup is amazing! There is absolutely nothing toxic in these beauties, nothing tacky or smelly, everything is lovingly handmade and everything is absolutely gorgeous! Oh, I just love it! It is so nice to let my little Miss W, who simply adores everything that has to do with dress up, sit and play with the little mirror that comes in the makeup kit, and put different colours on her eyelids and some blush in the cheeks and some lovely smelling lip balm on her lips. Sure you can tell she has been playing with makeup and of course when 4 year olds play with colours, you never quite know what you will get, but it all washes off super easily with a soft cloth with a little lukewarm water on it, and doesn't stain at all. I lovingly recommend No Nasties play makeup to you, if your little one is getting into your makeup bag and wants to play with you things... They will love having a little kit of their own and you can rest assured that there is no nasties at all. Such a great gift!

Then I was introduced to doTERRA the other day, and before you get worried about me trying to join you to doTERRA, I will just let you know, I got mine through Jayme Gibbs  @cedarandcitrus, but I am not recruiting anyone myself and if you do wish to join, I'll send you to her as she knows her oils! Anyways, she heard we were struggling with the flu and she sent my this gorgeous kit, called doTERRA Aroma Touch, and I tell you, this kit is so good! First off, it contains some very good basic oils to have if you have little kids: Tea tree oil, which is great for cuts and scratches as a natural anti bacterial solution. Lavender oil, which is so good for little kids who may not be sleepy and also really good for acne prone skin. Wild Orange, which smells amazing, On Guard a proprietary essential oil blend, provides a natural and effective alternative for immune support and Deep Blue that works wonders for sore muscles. And the yummiest Peppermint oil. I am sure this kit will get us through any flu season from now on: Miss W even selected her favourite oils and made herself a little roller blend with fractionated coconut oil, wild orange, lavender and sparkly glitter, to use as a perfume with a little roll behind her ear and on her wrists. She is in charge of the diffuser also, we try different oils and love the smell! I love that I can get to teach her about all the amazing natural things we can use, through play. 

I hope you will find this little post inspiring and that if you have any questions, just comment below and I will reply as soon as possible. 

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