Wednesday, 5 July 2017


One of the perks of being a children's fashion blogger, is that I get to see brands and stores grow big and beautiful, and it is with such joy that I see my friends succeed in following their dreams. It truly is the best to see a growing small business in this day and age. Mostly because small business face so many obstacles and so much competition:: The big players just conquer all and reach anyone with their marketing budgets and social media presence. One of the small business' that I have had the joy of seeing growing up, is Baby Dino, The business baby of Magnus and Dominique Perri. Established all the way back in 2012, from a spare bedroom in Sydney, before they had children of their own. Within a few short years, and 3 warehouse moves later, Baby Dino isn't a baby anymore, and therefor a name change is in order:: Enter YOKO! Your one stop online children's fashion retailer ::

"YOKO stands for ‘You Only Kid Once, which is kind of ironic since it’s our second name – but there’s a story behind the name, and it’s one we’re super proud of.  We never expected things to grow so big, so fast but we needed a new name that better represents who we are today.  

"We’re the same online store you know and love, only better.  Still filled with all your favourite children's brand, Mini Rodini, Timberlands, I dig denim to mention a few. We offer the same personalised customer service, the same amazing products and the same super-fast shipping – because we know you want it yesterday. We cater for the coolest kids on the block, aged 0-10 years, and our fashion philosophy is ‘choose well, buy less’. We’re all about spoiling our little ones with high quality styles that can be passed down and shared between siblings.  We crush hard on minimal, unisex styles, and clean lines cut from the comfiest natural fabrics – because you can’t be a kid if you’re not comfy.

How does YOKO consider the planet and sustainability?
As much as we love fashion, we hold ourselves responsible for protecting our planet as best we can.  That’s why we favour fair-trade fabrics sourced from the most ethical suppliers who are serious about sustainability. We work hard to keep our carbon footprint low, support our local and international communities, and do our bit to protect the planet for all our future fashionistas" says Dominique.

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