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I’m so happy to share with you a really special little feature of one of my favorite ethically made baby brands, Miann & Co, who started my passion for organic children clothing and toys. I got to shoot my new little nephew /Baby F, and I got to shoot him in some incredible Miann & Co pieces while we were on our holiday in Sweden just recently. (Hello Jetlag!) I also got to interview the gorgeous momma and founder of the brand, Rebecca Meyer, so sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy!
As most of you have seen previously on the blog, Miann & Co design the cutest range of handmade crochet dolls. This post is a baby special with cuteness overload because they also create the most beautiful baby clothes! I wish Mr L would still fit into this baby outfit but he’s a big boy now, turning three, in only a few days! Instead his baby cousin baby F got very lucky to be part of this baby special.
We just got back from our holiday in Sweden, where we visited my family and baby F for the first time. It’s summer over there and the weather is similar to the Australian winter but the beauty is the long light evenings! It doesn’t get dark until 11 pm so we all got a bit mixed up with our sleep. We went on an adventure to the south part of Sweden and explored old little boat jetties and beautiful sandy beaches. Baby F had a play on the beach and on the jetty. It’s very lucky he can’t crawl anywhere jet so he stayed on the same spot. Would have been a bit to much of an adventure for him otherwise.

One of my favorite pieces from the recent Miann & Co collection is the navy knitted overalls with wooden buttons! It’s just so cute and very comfortable for the babies’ tummy. It’s a great extra comfort for them and it also keeps their tummies warm.
I also love the knitted hoodie and all the little details are just stunning! The cute T-shirt ‘You me and the sea’ is super cute and of course the baby rabbit rattle! The quality is super soft for the babies skin!
I had the pleasure to interview the founder and designer Rebecca Meyer.
Here you can read about her inspiration behind Miann & Co

How long have you been designing and working in fashion and how did it all begin?
I have been designing and working in fashion now for nearly 15 years. I have always been hugely passionate about textiles even in high school and then studied Fashion Design at RMIT. I then went on to work for a kids company in London for 5 years, in many of ways it was a dream job and I loved being surrounded by so many creative and talented people.  It was a great way to start in the industry. When I returned to work in Australia I worked as an account manager for the Myer account and finally as a buyer for the Cotton on Kids team.
What inspires you to design baby fashion and your cute crochet dolls?
I have always been passionate about kids wear - it was my final project at uni and then every job I have had since has been in baby/kids wear.  It’s always been a huge passion.
When we had kids we noticed a gap in the market for toys such as dolls and décor that are constructed from natural fibers.  Kids also really changed our perspective on buying as we were wanting to buy once and buy good quality items that would stand the test of time. Our eldest son (now 9 years old) had eczema and adored soft toys – but we couldn’t find anything that wasn’t made from nasty synthetic materials. So the idea of crochet 100% cotton toys and home accessories was born. Our biggest love as a family is to travel and this coupled with everyday childhood memories inspire so much of our ranges.
What does your creative process look like?
We start the season with a loose theme and create mood boards around the theme. We then build on these mood boards with colour palettes, fabrications, prints and textures. There is a lot of going back and forth and playing around with styles, shapes and colours until we are happy with the complete range. We also work off customer feedback and customer requests and this can be hugely inspiring for our next range.
How important is ethics to you in the clothes you create?
 It is extremely important. We visit all our suppliers so we can see with our own eyes what and where our products are being made. It is very much a collaboration and we love working with small family businesses. Our crochet manufacturing is quite unique – where the workers work in the comfort of their own home. This allows them to work around there childcare and also seasonal farming needs as most of these workers live in rural communities where there are not too many jobs.
We have also started working with a small India family business that have the GOTS certification for our 100% Organic cotton clothing range.
Your crochet dolls and knitted pieces are ethical made in Asia by a passionate team of woman. Can you please tell us about the process?
It is actually men and women we have recently had a lot of men join our group of crocheters in China.
We try and visit twice a year and work on bringing the ranges we have developed in our Geelong show room to life. It is kind of like a handover meeting where fabrications, yarn thickness and construction methods are discussed. Once samples of these designs have been produced our orders are then placed on these samples and our supplier calculates how much yarn and how much in what colours is needed for the range.
Once the yarns are dyed to our specifications the workers collect a style and yarn spec to that style. The workers then produce the given quantity over a period of time in the comfort of there home.
Once all the order is completed the items then come back to a quality control location where each and every item is checked before being packed to send to us here in Australia.
A lot of time goes in to manufacturing anywhere especially when done ethically and as a collaborative project.
We are extremely passionate about our manufacturing process and the teams that we work with, not just in Australia, but also in Asia.

Thank you so much for your time, Rebecca! We at FWC adore your work! 

Wish you all a beautiful day exploring! 

Ingrid xx
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