Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Hey wonderful peeps!
I am hoping your weekend was wonderful! We had a quiet kid-free weekend, as us blended families get every two weeks... we slept a lot and ate a lot of yummy foods in restaurants! It was wonderful! But now they are all finally back home and we are loving them up and planning the weekend ahead! I dare say horses will definitely be involved! Last Monday before the kids went back to school, we went to our favourite waterfall and had a lovely climb and explored for hours! Miss W even got to wear er new Rylee & Cru dress, which I must tell you, have become an instant favourite of hers! It's simply lovely and can be matched with pretty much anything! It has long sleeves, a button down back and it's made in the most amazing woven cotton with beautiful embroidered flowers all over. She has worn this with her teal bobo choses horse tights and with her rusty red bobo choses tights. Both has looked amazing! When we got deeper into the forest, and further down at the bottom of the waterfall, I put her new Bobo Choses 'Keep waters clean' terry tee over the dress to keep her nice and warm. That teal colour on the mustard dress was wonderful! Such a match made in heaven. The gorgeous hunter boots made this the perfect waterfall adventure outfit! One of my favourite things about Bobo Choses, is that their accessories can be worn season in and season out, tights, socks, scarves, backpacks, they never ever date and can always be used and look amazing! Most of our Bobo Choses and all our Rylee and Cru comes from Australian super store, @Bucketsandspades  
www.buketsandspades.com.au and you can order your Rylee & Cru from August 11th! You will love this amazing AW17 collection, and I cannot wait to share more with you!

I hope you will have yourself a most wonderful week and enjoy all that life has to offer!

All the love
Karianne & Cru


Miss W is wearing

Bobo choses backpack 


Monday, 17 July 2017


Dear World.

My darlings, it's that time of the year, and BOBO CHOSES AW17 collection 'Dear World' kicks of the seasonal drops once more. Every season of Bobo, we head out, inspired and excited, and we have the best adventure. The fact that Bobo is the best when it comes to having a theme for their collection, makes adventures really fun! It truly inspires creativity, which has always been one of Bobo's main causes: Spark creativity in children and adults alike. Bobo speaks the language of children, through the fabrics, cuts and colour of their amazing pieces. And each collection is made in high quality fabrics, often times organically farmed cotton, and garment dyed for uniqueness. The Dear World collection is a tribute, inspiring children to look after our planet. The collection is about recycling, reusing, binning and picking up, and so it was that Miss W and I headed out with a bag, to collect rubbish from the lagoon up the street from our home, to the main beach. We picked up everything we saw, that didn't belong near the oceans edge: a bunch of plastic wrapping, a few tin cans, a bunch of cigarette butts, a few straws, a shoe, a pair of sunglasses, a sock, a couple of coffee cups, a bunch of plastic lids, a plastic cup top and some more wrapping of sorts. We always take 3 for the sea, which is such a good initiative to inspire children and adults to pick up the rubbish they see on the beach, but it felt good to go out on a big mission to clean up, and we will be doing this every now and then to help the ocean creatures we love so much. I think the best thing you can do is teach your kids good behaviour when it comes to rubbish and recycling, so that they have the tools and knowledge needed to look after our planet. And how good is it that the two giant Australian super market chains has signed a deal to ban the single use plastic bags!! When I first came to AUS and I saw the ridiculous amounts of plastic bags you get at the supermarket here, I was floored! Thank goodness change is around the corner! We must begin to look after our oceans. Did you know 80% of the plastic we use end up in our waterways? That is an insane amount! We must act now! 

W.I.M.A.M.P. (worldwide inventive minds against monsters of pollution) is conceived as a social project for 100% of its profits will be allocated by Bobo Choses to Ocean Conservancy NGO (www.oceanconservancy.org) in order to fund activities of ocean conservation.

I hope you will feel inspired too; grab the kids and go for a lovely walk, maybe talk to them about the environment and our responsibilities, picking up the rubbish you see before it gets into our oceans. Help save the lives of the penguins, the seals, the turtles and our fish. 

Miss W is wearing the Alma SB Terry tracksuit pant and the keep waters tidy terry sweatshirt. Made from Organic cotton and so so soft! You can shop the entire collection from our friends www.bucketsandspades.com.au  The collection goes live 18th of July '17. 

Wonderful new week to you all! 


Karianne and the pick up crew! 

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