Thursday, 15 June 2017


The sweet taste of summer has come to an end, but here in the land of OZ, that doesn't necessarily mean that its the end of beach daze and bare feet! The water is still so lovely, and even though the winds can be a bit chilly, the water is actually much warmer! It still takes me by surprise when I am freezing on my beachwalk and then my toes touch the waters edge and its nice and warm. Where I'm from, the water never really gets that warm, so maybe it's just one of those presets from childhood years spent... We have also all decided, as a family, that this beach right here, is our favourite! There is something to do here for everybody and I think you will see what I mean once you scroll through these captures of the kids playing! Not only is the surf generally amazing at this end, the sand is lovely warm and white, and the hills all sandy and grassy in a gorgeous mix, but you can also rock climb, bush walk, sand surf (roll) and swim in the most lush turquoise water. Yep, out of all the NSW beaches, this one gets our family's top rating. 
The boys have discovered just how much they love to throw each other off the hills in the sand, and they can spend hours running up and rolling down the sand with the biggest smiles on their faces, and Miss W, loves sea shells and can spend hours searching for the perfect ones. 
As the big dudes love to surf, they will be gone for a few hours catching waves, and me, well, I get a lovely swim, some sand hill rolling and some sea shell searching with wonderful and happy kids.
Definitely a win win for all.

On this day in particular, the kids were all dressed, top to toe in Paper Wings SS17. I didn't manage to capture the boys before they were just rolling around in boardies, but at they were just having so much fun, I couldn't stop them :) I must admit I have always been careful with too much frills when it comes to Miss W, as she just isn't the type, but we can NEVER resist their skirts! They are so magically made, so incredibly soft, and they look simply stunning! They are a must every single season for us! Perfect with a pair of salt water sandals and a lovely swimsuit. Which leads me to the pony rashie and the love heart swimpants. HER FAV! I don't think we will ever see her in anything else on the beach as long as these fit! They are so comfy, sun safe and beautiful! Lu loves his animal print boardies and has only worn them lately. He is a huge animal lover! 

If you ever make it up the coast from Sydney, I'd strongly recommend the beaches from about soldiers beach and up! 

Happy new week loves <3




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