Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Having a puppy is fun, but having a cute little puppy that grows up to be a beast faster than anyone can count 1-2-3 is even more fun! Especially if you ask Miss W! She adores her puppy!
Happy is a british bulldog x Amstaff (or maybe pitbull. We know she is some type of staffy/pitbull terrier) and she is now 5.5 months old!
She is the coolest dog ever! She is everything you need in a dog: Great with kids, fairly obedient, easy to train, a little sensitive, sweet, cuddly, brave, a bit guard dog and very reliable! 
Miss W gets to spend the most time with the puppy because she is not yet in school, so while the big dudes are in school, Lilo and Happy play together. There is such an amazing bond between them! They truly are the best of friends!

Miss W and I love colours and sometimes we just want to go all out and play with patterns and prints, and this day we decided on a (many seasons ago) star tee/ dress by Gardner and the Gang, followed up with the best Nico Nico Duke pants from their SS17. This fabric is incredibly nice! It's made from quite a thick rayon. Very similar to linen. And you can find this from our amazing friends at Loja Dada who, by the way, has the most amazing Nico Nico, TAO and Bobo Choses stock!!!) 
As we live by the beach we kinda love just going for a wander, and when we do we always have the best time exploring and checking out everything around, leaving no rock unturned. Missy loves the HUXBABY knitted cotton jumper so much and from she received it till she was allowed to wear it she practically asked me every day if she could. It is so good you guys, I love this beige and black, but it also comes in mono black/white. You can see that in Mr L's next feature in just a few short days :) Suddenly on the beach, this cute little boarder collie mix approached us and he decided he loved us all (no, really, just Happy, but we can pretend!) and he refused to leave so he hung out with us for the longest time. Stalking us, more like it. For 2 hours. We got cold. (no, not Miss W. She was dressed to be outdoorsy! Just Happy and I!) Had a hot chocolate and went home once the dog stopped following us around. I was so relieved to make it back home that afternoon! Oh and we met the cutest Aussie Bulldog puppy names Boofy! She is too cute. I'll sneak in a little picture of her holy softness right now! 

Happy rainy day peeps! 

Miss W is wearing


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