Thursday, 29 June 2017


French Soda was one of the first ever features we did here on FWC blog, and not only that, it was the first time we went on a waterfall adventure. We headed to the amazing Wentworth Falls in the blue mountains, exactly, on the day, 3 years ago (( see  here )). Oh how little they were back then and how I loved shooting French Soda rainwear again! Growing up we had one brand and it was pretty stiff and cold rainwear, you had to really dress well underneath: Well, with French Soda rainwear, you will be comfortable in the softest cotton lining in the coats and the softest yummiest fleece lining in the boots. Mr C loves this fleece so much and when he got his new fresh pair of FS gumboots, in his favourite colour, Khaki, his immediate response was "I don't need any socks! This is so soft!"
But softness isn't all: The jacket is waterproof and warm, and my kids have used their FS raincoats consistently since their last adventure so I can not only attest for the look and feel, but the amazing quality and durability! Mr C has climbed every mountain, rolled on every beach, climbed trees, and his jacket has not tore or even gotten scratched from all his adventures, so you can definitely safely invest in one of these babies and know your kid is covered, come rain or shine :) The coats and boots come in an array of colour-ways and cuts, so you can always find something to cater to your little one.

This waterfall is my favourite around! The blue mountains waterfalls surely are amazing, but they are not the greatest in my opinion. They require a lot of walking, and they are generally a little bit tricky to get to and a little bit full on with little children:: I love walking and exploring and the waterfalls you find in national parks are generally great for doing just that. And we didn't even see one single leech! How good is that? We have been on tropical adventures before and met plenty of those guys so we were prepared to this time also, but we didn't need to worry. Maybe it was just too chilly already? If you are heading up the central coast, I'd say stop by Somersby falls and have a lovely walk and explore with the kids! It is safe and magical, and the light and colours are EVERYTHING! You park on top of the falls and walk down. There is 3 levels to it and you can choose how far you'd like to go. My favourite though, is all the way down at the bottom part...
I hope you will like our little adventure!

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love, Karianne

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