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I’m so excited to share with you the stylish and playful Swedish brands Walnut and Walrus first collection. It’s very cute and has hand printed illustrations. The
Palm T-shirt is definitely Mr L’s favourite and the Zebra printed Jumper and pants are very stylish too!  Walnut and Walrus uses only the best 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and are produced in Portugal.
This is what excites me to do blogging about ethically made children clothes.  It’s the LOVE  to see children’s brand care for our planet with eco friendly material and ethical production.

The brand is first known for there illustrated children posters and you can see the amazing hand printed illustrations from the duo Karl-Johan Svanström and Aisa Sverin are in there first collection as well. (Will show you posters in a different post)

I had the opportunity to ask Karl-Johan some questions about his and Aisa first collection!

What inspired you to create your first children's clothes collection?
Me and Aisa have been working in the fashion industry for many years and are a bit picky with clothes. When we got our kids we really felt that it was hard to find kids clothes that was more toned down, with nice colors and with well made prints. If we found something it wasn´t 100 organic. So we wanted to combine a playful, artistic and fashionable approach to design with the most eco-friendly materials.


How did you come up with the your name 
Is there a meaning behind the name?
We wanted a name that sounded a bit playful but serious but funny but also abstract, and with available .com address  That combo is really tricky now a days.

You are a working as a partner duo. 
How does your creative processes look like?
We get inspired from Art, fashion, traveling, people, music, surfing, our kids and our gut feeling.
Me (Karl-Johan) and Aisa collect inspirations, colours and ideas and create a visual goal.
Then I design the prints, and Aisa designing the clothes and handling the production. The design process is back and forward a lot until we are satisfied.
We always ask our self if our kids would look nice in the stuff we do, that’s our goal.

How important is ethics to you in 
the clothes you create?
It’s very important! Our goal is to work with the best eco friendly material and with factories that take care of the nature and their employees.
Our garments is 100 % GOTS eco cotton, and we are really happy with that!

What made you choose the type of manufacturing 
you have chosen in Portugal?
Because Portugal its one of the best countries producing clothing with best qualities, good working conditions, and with the best eco friendly materials. 


On the weekend Mr L and I went for adventures to a small fishing village. We stopped for an Ice cream break at an old boat hire place and it turned out to be the perfect backdrop to shoot Mr L in his new clothes from Walnut and Walrus. I just love when I find some new creative vintage looking places.  The guy which runs the shop has owned it for over 30 years and it hasn’t been much updated since his start.  He let Mr L have a play with Walter Walrus on his boats while Mr L was finishing his ice cream.
Walter Walrus is one of Mr L favorite toys from Miann & Co and he carries him with him everywhere. What’s so great about there crochet toys are that they are handmade from a passionate team of women in Asia in there own comfort of their homes.

Mr L  will stay warm this autumn  in his new 
Tip Toey Joey little Grao shoe and the super warm Lillster Merino Wool tube socks

Enjoy your adventures! 

Ingrid xx

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