Friday, 19 May 2017


My loves!! It has taken us forever to get to this point, I swear! And by 'this point' I mean the layering point of course! I love layers! Who doesn't?? But its been warm for ages, and if it hasn't been warm, it's been raining cats and dogs and we have been seeking shelter in the tree house. We did go on a Sydney adventure all dressed in Munster Kids a month ago, but the weather turned on us and we had an amazing day at the Sydney aquarium instead! Totally worth the road trip and everybody had a wonderful day but I must admit I was stressing a little with not getting to go on a photographic adventure....  As a kids fashion blogger I find it really hard to find a balance in the days of AW and SS drops. There is a lot of photos to be taken and edited and just so little time with 4 kids and a puppy, and I always try to take the kids on a fun (and beautiful) adventure so that I am capturing moments of play and exploring rather than a staged shoot. Yesterday we went out after school and the sky was so gorgeous that I dressed them up in their Munster  ( and Missie Munster) AW17 threads! If you have read my blog for a while, you know we are die hard Munster Kids fans (see our previous Munster blogposts here)! Probably, to be frank, the biggest Munster fans there is! The kids got to pick out their own pieces this time around:: Lu picked out the two tone patchy olive crew (super duper soft brushed fleece jumper!) and snake pit trackies, Mr C picked out the Arrow beanieMountain crew Sweater and Super Tubes Khaki Chinos, and Miss W picked out the wish rose metallic jegging (which is amazing, by the way! These jeggings are like trackies on the inside. Thick! Perfect for winter!!!) and the night sky crew (from the Munster Kids collection. Oversized! This is a size 7! Perfect for my little monkey who is 4.5 years old)
This most surprising pieces is the patchy olive crew. It has the softest brushed cotton on the inside, it is thick and warm without being an actual fleece (which makes too much fluff in the washing machine!!) This one is not like that. The quality is simply amazing! The jeggings also took me by big surprise as I truly thought they would be thin and cold and skinny... they are not like that! These jeggings are track pant quality on the inside, and they are truly thick enough to be worn all winter long! And, they are not that skinny either, which is great because you want little kids to be able to move freely and comfortably!

This might just be out favourite Munster Kids collection yet! Oh, and the Stay puff puffa jacket is truly one of this seasons absolute must haves! warm and super comfy and not to mention, coolest cut evs! You will love it!

I hope you will find this adventure inspirational when it comes to embracing the cooler months, because truly, we can't wait to just live in these pieces!

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