Friday, 5 May 2017


My loves! 
I am so excited to be sharing this blouse special 1/3 with you today! Ever since Kelly- Lee, founder and designer of Feather Drum, sent me the first pussy bow blouse a few seasons ago, I have loved blouses on Miss W. Blouses are cool because they are so chic and feminine. I love how Lilo looks so feminine and boyish at the very same time. It of course, all depends on how you style the blouses and what kind of a blouse it is, but this Elodie Ruffle blouse in Heather is just the most chic creation ever! The blouse it self is in a pretty straight shirt cut, almost a bit boyish, the fabric is light cotton, and the ruffles softens it all up and creates all the magic in this gorgeous blouse. The Folklore collection features all the grey, lilac, purple tones, and is just stunning through and through. I will share more from Folklore super soon so remember to subscribe to the blog so you can get the updates right to your inbox. I paired the blouse with this seasons I dig denim Madison jean. Madison this season is a little shorter on the legs, a little skinnier also, but in a softer and stretchier fabric than the past two seasons. Miss W lives in these jeans every season. They truly are the best denims a little girl (and boy) can ask for! More on that really soon! You could pair this blouse with a maxi tutu or a pair of corduroys, depending on if you wish to dress it up or down. 
The shoes are by Manuela de Juan, and they are the most beautifully handmade little things! Oh give me all the pretty shoes!!! Manuela De Juan and Maa shoes has been creating lovely handmade shoes in Alicante in Spain, for decades! If you want some really special shoes, you must check these brands out for sure! <3 

We went to the massive rock pools behind our little hometown on a little climbing adventure, and Happy was just calmly walking around, all wonderful as she is. Then someone let their dog off lead and she bolted after.... When she finally came back to me after a good 10 minutes she was bleeding from all her paws! Silly boof had been running across barnacles cutting herself up. She is all fine and healed now, thankfully, but for some moments there she wasn't feeling all Happy at all, poor girl. 

I will aim to try out the Feather Drum Pilgrim linen blouses as well this season, but I will have to work my way towards that eventually, that said, there is one more Feather Drum piece in this series, so stay tuned my loves! I hope your week was wonderful! 

Happy weekend loves! Enjoy your loved ones <3 

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