Monday, 22 May 2017


What is it about this Feather Drum Beatrice tutu that just screams winter princess to me? It must be the pale lilac colour, the softest shade of ice blue, in fact it's so soft you could almost mistake it for grey. The tulle is gorgeous and soft and the whole entire skirt is made elegantly and the drape is flawless! And the maxi tutu idea, just cannot fail! When I saw the Feather Drum flowerfield print bell-sleeved leotard, I simply fell in love! These pieces are so beautiful and this print is just gorgeous my darling, I love the massive flowers and the bell sleeves! I have always been a mad corduroy fan, I mean, I'm Norwegian. It gets cold in my part of the world and corduroys are just a tad bit warmer than jeans and twill, so I have always been rocking cords in all kinds of colours:: So I knew that the perfect winter pants would be the grey corduroy luxe sloushies pants. Miss W has always had a pair of the Feather Drum woodstocker pants / slouchy pants, ever since the very beginning, and our love for Feather Drum just grows every year. ((for previous feather drum adventures, see here))
As it was a chilly day, and I, quite frankly, was a bit cold, we decided to dress up a bit. I love the EMU boots, and have always loved how soft and warm they are for little feet. This time around I thought we should try something different for a change (yep, true Wallaby kids lover over here!) so Miss W got the Indigo Shoreline for kids! I adore the fluffy lining so much and better yet, they are waterproof!! Perfect for the snow we might see... sometime this year! Hopefully! This scandi mama misses snow!! (did you know EMU is donating $10 to the Sydney Children’s Hospital for every pair of Little Creatures children’s sheepskin boots sold until May 31st. If you have been thinking to get a pair, this is the perfect timing) 
I also topped her outfit with her Nico Nico reversible sherpa from last season, Bobo Choses scarf and tights from AW15, and I dig denim current season Zeke beanie. 

For this adventure W, Happy and I decided to go for a walk in the mountain. Ok, so it's not really a mountain, merely some cliffs with super tall overhangs in the out skirts of our town, but oh well *shrug* we simply love adventure! Miss W was pretending that she was a mountain climber, and a ballerina, at the same time. She is such a creative little girl, she can play anywhere at any time! She made a little house, and she found a nook for her scarf, and one for her gloves, one for my camera bag, one for Happy even, a table to put nail(matic) nailpolish on, and a little chair. She was tidying up, saying that her job is to clean and feed people. What a Cinderella story! We had a really fun day and when it was time to go home, we let Happy, the goofball, play with all her new friends at the dog park before it was time to head home to the boys.

Imagine that this is the last year I have her home with me... In February, she will be going to school!
(Gosh, I cannot think of that. I will miss my bestie so much and so will Happy. Thank goodness we have Happy. Oh goofiest little boofhead!!) 

I hope you will enjoy this little Feather Drum winter adventure!!



All Feather Drum pieces 
AND Nailmatic non-toxic, wash-with-water 
children's play makeup from:


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