Thursday, 6 April 2017


Eeni Meeni Miini Moh AW17 & romperstomper kids sneakers
I’m very excited it starts to cool down here in Australia and the Autumn is finally here.
Mr L had a fun morning playing with his Swedish friends, the triplets in our favourite little forest area close to a beautiful lake.  Mr J & Mr Li looks very identical with there curly blond afro hair and Mr B is very cute too with his straight blond hair! Mr L always has a lot of fun playing together with them! They are 8 months older than him and teaching him a lot. They feel like our extended family here. We meet every Thursday in our little Swedish mothersgroup…
The boys climbed trees and chased each other and explore a big tree with a big hole in. They all are pretty tuff wild little boys with a lot of energy. Could you imagine to have three 3,5 years olds boys at the same time?
I admire their mum how she can handle the three boys. She is a super mum!  I guess when you don’t have a choice you just do it somehow.  I get pretty exhausted some days with just one child. But what’s so great with kids even if they take all our energy some day we are getting more back from them and they keep us going.
All the boys got dressed up in the comfortable and chic clothes from the Australian brand Eeni Meeni Miini Moh.  Their clothes are of amazing quality and the test survived 4 wild little boys! You can feel the fabric is super soft but very strong. The new AW17 is amazing and there are lot’s of knitted woolly jumpers with great details and the colours are in soft misty blue colours and a touch of mulberry and of course a few neon pieces. They have a great selection of accessories as well, how cute isn’t the beanie with the superman mask?!
My favourite piece for the season is definitely the French Terry Hoody with the big WILD THING print on the back! It describes the 4 boys pretty well! Their jeans are as well great for the autumn and how cool is it that you can roll them up and underneath is a striped fabric. Very fun detail!
And for the Autumn when it’s getting colder and wet it’s important to invest in great sneakers. Romper Stomper Kids have a handpicked selection of the best shoe brands for little stompers aged 0-5yrs.
Mr L wears my autumn favourite Edge boots by Tip Toey Joey. It’s an edgy and urban cool sneaker with leather and 3 straps for easy slip on. Mr J & Mr Li wears the French brand Veja. What’s really cool with Veja is their inner sole is made from recycle cotton. Veja buys the cotton for its shoes from 320 different families in North Brazil. These families make their living from the organic farming of cotton.

And Mr B wears the waterproof adventure sneaker from Plae. They are specifically engineered anatomical form to follow the contour of the children’s feet. All of these sneakers are great for your autumn adventures!
We wish you all a lovely autumn day exploring in the wild!
Ingrid xx
Ingrid is a children's Photographer and a regular contributor to FWC blog.
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Mr L Tip Toey Joey Little Edge Boys Boot

Mr J Veja Esplar Mid Nautico Pierre Navy

Mr Li Veja Esplar White Nautico Sneaker

Mr B Plae Kaiden Earth Boots

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