Thursday, 27 April 2017


Hi friends! 
Autumn is my favourite season, as I just love layering and mixing and matching colours and fabrics, and Australian children's brand Eeni Meeni Miini Moh is the perfect place to start if you are looking for high quality, super comfy clothing for your minis! Eeni Meeni Miini Moh AW17 is full of comfy fabrics and gorgeous pieces! he first thing I need to tell you about is the pants! They have been very well received in this house as they look like really nice cotton denim, but they are infact trackies styled as jeans! They are super stretchy, thick and in the most amazing quality! If you kids are track pant kids, and you go nuts trying to dress them up a little: here is your answer! Both the dudes raved about their pants and their hoodies (Mr C's hoodie is actually a knitted jumper without a hood, but its made to have the front of a hooded sweater) and have been living in them ever since they got them and no matter how many trees they climb, these clothes look perfectly flawless! Miss W loves tights but I have never been a tights fan myself, but these stripe tights with the little frill skirt, is the answer to that! They look and feel amazing while also a step up from normal tights. Miss W also got super lucky and got the amazing knitted cape! The loves this cape. So soft and warm, and it looks so classy with a cute little skirt, like the Paper wings frill skirt that I matched it with. With the Eeni Meeni Miini Moh blue beanie, this outfit surely was complete! Ah, you should have seen the looks she got at the playground! So fun! I also secretly love it when the kids wear shoes and not just sandals/ bare feet. Jada, I know bare feet is the jam and we are barefoot are much as we possibly can, but it is lovely to put the little feet into comfy and warm shoes also when the autumn chill kicks in! Especially when they are super awesome shoes! Mr C loves his MAÁ shoes. This model has been around for a little while and we have had these before, but when the chance to grab another pair of these came around, we didn't linger. Can you say fav shoes ever???  They sure are! These kicks have been worn by Shiloh Pitt Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker to mention a few, so you betcha they are awesome kicks! 

This little adventure took place in our favourite park, Fagan park! 
Yep, you have been here with us before, and we keep on coming back (( see here )) It is just such an awesome daytrip adventure! This park has everything you need to have fun and explore the day away!  If you ever get a chance to go there, you should! Happy enjoyed it too :)

I hope you will enjoy our little park adventure and feel inspired to greet autumn dressed in super comfy Eeni Meeni Miini Moh <3 

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Ps: you may recognise Mr C's tee from our Nico Nico adventure? Both Mr C and Lu is wearing tees by the creative geniuses over at TFO :: The Future is Ours.  They cannot agree who's tee the shark tee is, so it is a shared one! A true favourite in this house!! 

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Monday, 24 April 2017


Hi loves! A cute and cuddly adventure today!!
We visited our Aussie native friends, the kangaroos and the koalas this easter: We do come here as often as we can, Miss W just adores all the fluffy animals, and we always spend hours and hours just cuddling the roos. It was such a lovely day, and since we happened to stumble upon the Koala carer, I decided we would purchase a Koala visit. So lovely to be up close and personal with these animals. Milo, sleeping in the tree, Maisy, the dark brown social girl, and Irene the light grey runaway. They are all very young, about a year old all of them, and soft and adorable as! Miss W loved them so much and she could not stop cuddling and feeding them: although Maisie did not want anything we offered her. Koalas are very particular about which leaves to eat, so you can't just feed them whatever you find. Did you know they sleep so much because the eucalyptus leaves are so toxic they need sleep to break down the toxins in their bodies? The kangaroos are mostly named Zootopia (by Miss W, of course) and they all adore her and her yummy treats! 

Miss W was wearing her fresh Missie Munster flight jacket. This jacket is the perfect nature adventure jacket! Loving this colour so much and it is so soft and warm! It matches perfectly with these comfy Missie Munster Detour pants and Mr C's old Munster kids skull icecream tee! We have had this tee for many years now. I got it for Mr C when he was about 3 or 4. In a size 5. He still wears it now (6.5 years) but I think it fits my little W better these days! Love having a little tomboy to dress in all of Mr C's hand me downs! New life to old pieces! The hat, by fallen broken street kids, has been both my kids favourite hat: The fox for the win! Every single time! She also, finally, fit Mr C's old MAA shoes! These babies was a collaboration piece between Four Monkeys and MAA and has been waiting for Miss W's little feet for what seems an eternity!! Finally they fit and they will be our most worn kicks this season, no doubt! 

I just went back to the Munster kids site and ordered a big load of winter comfies for the dudes! It is on the way in the post as we speak and I cannot wait to show you these super warm and cozy winter pieces we picked out. In the meanwhile, enjoy all the fluffy and lovely Australian creatures and have yourself a lovely warm snuggly week.



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You know, at the end of this blogpost I began thinking about how we last year we also went to the Australian reptile park to cuddle kangaroos, and I went back in my blogposts and I couldn't find this adventure. I took some amazing pictures that I thought I had blogged but for some reason I actually didn't manage to share, so at the end of this little adventure, you can see some snaps from the ARP one year ago exactly. Miss W was wearing the Missie Munster floral bomber jacket paired with the coolest black I dig denim Madison skinny jeans and her black 10is shoes from romper stomper kids. 

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