Wednesday, 8 March 2017


It’s actually been so nice to have some rain lately!  Especially after a record hot summer with degrees up to nearly 40!
I love the Australian Autumn, when it starts to cool down a bit.
Mr L went out for a little exploring at our local Lagoon with his friend Sebastian Sloth from Miann & Co caring along in his Gosoaky waterproof Honey Bee Bag to keep him dry. (I will tell you more about his friend in a different post) .
It was a fun afternoon just after the rain, there were fun muddy puddles to jump in and splash water everywhere! Mr L jumped around and climbed everywhere.  It was amazing to see him so stoked jumping in the puddles with a big smile on his face!
No mater how wet and dirty he looked, because he was dressed up in the comfy Elephant Man Rain Jacket with the matching hidden Dragon Stripped Rain Pants from the Dutch brand GOSOAKY. They are both wind and waterproof and as well very stylish!
The rainwear has all the great details to make the rain stay away from you body like a hood, buttons to close for the arms and feet. Everything to make your little ones skin stay dry.
What I really appreciate with GOSOAKY is that’s it’s both very stylish, it’s made of high quality waterproof fabric and trim, plus the brand truly cares about the environment and everyone that handles and make the products.  Also they love to help penguins! They support projects of the World Wide foundation for Nature in Antarctic. It’s a big problem for little penguins with the climate change and overfishing.
Did you know old penguins doesn’t like the water, they hide from the rain but small penguins love to play in the rain?!
Wish you all a splashing time in the puddles!  At the same time you can support the Penguins.
You find GOSOAKY and Bergstein at  They stock a lot of our favorite ethical made brands!



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gosoaky hidden dragon stripped pants

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