Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Australia is definitely a land of adventure and sometimes a little bit of danger too.
I think many people around the world thinks of deadly spiders and snakes when Australia comes to mind, unless, of course, they have been here and seen that there is actually nothing to be afraid of and that snakes and spiders are not commonly found lurking at every corner...
Kids get to roam and play freely over here too, we just teach them a few extra things I suppose. This day we wanted to go for a Fish and Chips lunch, so we headed to Fishermans Wharf in woy woy. This place is well known for their amazing fish and friendly pelicans. Right next to the wharf is a huge pool that was built years ago so that people could catch a swim in Brisbane waters securely. Brisbane waters are well known for all their Bull sharks and it is highly necessary to be cautious about swimming in these dark waters. The kids had a fun play in the water and just as we were about to leave, we noticed that the shark netting surrounding the pool has a massive hole in it! I have to admit, I am a little worried about sharks, even though I love them and think they are mesmerising creatures. I know they are not the evil scary predator that has been portrayed through Hollywood and movies, but I will definitely keep my kids out of waters where I know Bull sharks can be lurking. No doubt!
Miss W didn't feel like bouncing into the water for a swim, so her and I went for a little walk and a little play at the waters edge after the kids shared their fish and chips with the pelicans. Lilo loves all animals and could probably have fed the pelicans all day long.
People were commenting on her adorable outfit, the sweetest Paper Wings fairies swimsuit [which we adore!] and the pink ribbon shorts from Paper Wings. They are just adorable! The ribbons are just gorgeous tied up and the little love heart seams on the toosh are adorable too! I love this shade of pink. More blush than pink... She also got super wet from splashing around so I then changed into an outfit from the Little Wings collection. Paper Wings baby collection ranges up to a large 4 years, so we can still enjoy this brands adorable baby pieces a little bit past the baby stage. Then that got soaked too and she sat butt-naked in her car seat all the way home!
Kids are fun!

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