Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Hi loves!
It is so lovely that summer has finally arrived over here in oz, and today we had our first day of over 40 degrees Celsius this season! It was excruciatingly hot to be honest, and I as try to enjoy the heat, I fail miserably on days over 33 degrees! It is just not normal to function as a human being in heat like this.. especially not to someone who has experienced more -33 degree days that +33 degree days! Ok Ok, I know, I shouldn't complain, there is worse scenarios than ours: We practically live on the beach and can go for a swim at any given time all year around, and we get to enjoy the tropical creature world: We have a huge green tree frog living around our fishpond on our deck, we fall asleep to the calming sound of cicadas and froggy song and we have parrots and cockatoos in all our trees all summer long. We can carry our surfboards to the beach and we can skate for 2 minutes to get to the best coffee and ice cream places we know. Yes, I truly can't complain, but I do, not so secretly,  wish for an air conditioner in our home...

If you have been reading my blog this summer, you know I have featured swimwear a lot, I mean, it is practically what my kids wear for 6 months, so it only makes sense. I have also gotten to test and trial so many different cuts and fabrics! The most vibrantly coloured ones though, has been the ones from Paper Wings SS16! Miss W got the cross over fairies swimsuit, and she has worn this so much this summer and still it looks completely flawless! No annoying sand grains stuck in it, no lint or pulled threads. It is so well made and fitted! I love how this little yellow frilled jersey skirt compliments the swimsuit so nicely! This is a skirt from the baby collection but the sizing is up to a large sz 4 so Miss W can still get away with that. If you do like this fit but would like it in a larger size, you could check the bigger girl section ((here)) as there are some amazing frilled skirts for the bigger girls as well.  Miss W even packed her fairies backpack herself and brought it to the beach full of fun things to play with.  LU was wearing the Paper Wings hammer head boardies and the classic striped tee in blue.  Everywhere we go when he is wearing these boardies, people stop us and ask where they are from. The colour is so bright and beautiful and next to tanned skin, it is absolute perfection! The sizing of Paper wings is generous just so you know you don't need to size up in this brand.

I hope you are keeping cool and hydrated in this heat! We have benched up in front of our most powerful fan, while we are waiting for the weather to cool down a little so we can head to the beach again :)

Forever beach bums!

Miss W is wearing 
Bella and Lace purse
Country road raffia hat

LU is wearing 

Mr C wears 


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