Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Yo friends! 
I hope your summer holiday has been amazing [if you are in the southern hemisphere that is] and that you are getting ready for the whole back to school thing! This year Mr C starts school [in 13 days to be exact] and I am so not ready for this even though he was practically born ready! My social little grommet! I will miss my little man when he goes to school, but we are getting a puppy so I guess that might take the edge off for me and Miss W! But, before school starts, we still have almost 2 weeks to enjoy and we will be making the most of all our hours together at the beach! Our local beaches are so good and caters to so many different things to do. This beach is our favourite at the moment. We skate/ ride our bikes down there, and hide in the shade of this one massive palm tree. The kids build treehouses [ LU is a climbing-treehouse-wiz!] collect little creatures [We call Mr C the Steve Irwin of bugs] and run around in the surf and sand! Life is good when you can take a dive into the big blue!

This day we left a little too late in the morning, when the sun is too high on the sky and the rays are too strong, so Miss W wore these white super soft Pineapple jersey pants by Munster Kids and the little janie tank in soft black and she stayed cool and comfortable and did not get overly exposed to the sun on the way to the beach! The beauty of white pants! She also insisted on wearing her new neon yellow Birkenstock rio's. She loves these fun little sandals, and that she can run into the ocean while wearing them! They are so comfy and weighs absolutely nothing, so she pretty much lives in them this summer! Mr C and LU, our little monkeys dudes, take every opportunity to climb and explore and they built the coolest little treehouse, high up in a tree. Kids are so cool!
Mr C wore his Munster kids Limits stripe tee which has such a perfect stripe and colour if you love the whole venice beach 1970's vibe [which we do!] and his favourite boardies of the season, the Rhombie by Munster Kids. LU wore his new favourite tee, the Munster kids radical tee and his new shorts named after the Munster Kids founders littlest dude, Kash. This season Munster kids also knocked the accessories out of the ballpark, so to say, with the freshest little carry on denim tote bag, that I have been using myself, to and from the beach. I just super love good accessories! 

If you need us for the next 2 weeks [almost] we will be at the beach come rain or shine, working on our surfing, swimming, climbing, jumping, building and running. I hope you will do the same :)
And if you are stuck in the winter and it's cold and snowy or rainy, you should totally take a moment to dream away, whilst checking out Munster kids summer sale section and grab some bargains for the summer you have creeping closer and closer by the minute! World wide shipping available of course :) 

Happy daze!
Peace and Love from all of us :) 



Munster Kids janie tank in soft black 
Mini & Maximus DUH cap

Mr C is wearing

LU is wearing
Rip Curl snap back cap


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