Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Holidays are here! Sunny days and plenty of beach time. We had the opportunity to go up to Cairns for a few days. We have never been up there before and it was simply amazing! A true tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and Palm trees and rain forests.
The first day I took Mr L to a little animal park and we watched the crocodile being fed. After that he got so scared and didn’t want to hang out on the beautiful beaches for fear of being eaten.
We also went on the Skyrail trip. It’s a cableway which takes you high up over the rainforest with stunning views.  On the way there were a few stops which we could go out; explore the rainforest and the incredibly waterfall!  When you arrived all the way to the top there’s a cute little village Kuranda with coffee shops and a market.  We decided to catch the scenic train railway back. It one of the most unique railway journeys in Australia! And of course Mr L loved it, he is all into trains at the moment!
Mr L was of course travelling in style with his cute outfit from one of the Australian loved brands- Little Horn. They create really fun colourful clothes with bold graphic prints for kids.  Mr L really fancies this outfit! Nothing to be too serious in, just to have fun!  Your  kids will love it!  Mr L wears the cool Bat Face Boardies with the All Ok Tee and the graphic Peace Panel Hat! I just love all the fun colorful prints and you can mix and match the collection!

Of course he loves his straw slip on shoes from Tip Toey Joey.  They are very comfortable and keep the air flowing for the hot Australian summer days!  Great to dress up any outfit with or run around with them on the beach!
We wish you all a Fabulous summer Holiday! 
Ingrid xx

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