Thursday, 5 January 2017


Hi loves! Happy new year!!
I cannot believe 2017 snuck in on us so fast! I can't even believe it's been over a year since last Christmas! It is scary how fast time flies when you have children! The year I was 19 felt like an eternal year! Now, I kinda long for time to slow down, I'm wishing for more hours in the day [preferably afternoon/evening hours!] 
Summer holidays are upon us over here in the land of surf and sand, and we are all enjoying everything the beach and salty water has to offer! Even better now when our towel game is super strong! I have seen Turkish towels around lately and been curious to try them out, so when I finally found a small eco brand that makes not only beautiful colourful hand loomed Turkish towels, but beach ponchos for the kids as well, I was sold! Chasing Sundays is an Australian brand, from the gorgeous beaches of Valla, NSW and let me tell you, these towels are amazing! They are so soft, so strong, and of the best quality I have found on my Turkish towel journey! The kids love the ponchos so much, they function as a towel, a cape and a blanket. 

"As a mother I was struggling with the beach juggle and was often put off going. I have a love for the Kids Poncho Towel, but I could never seem to find any that were stylish and suitable for a broad age range, especially catering for the pre teens/teens. I love simple, versatile, practical, eco friendly, unisex and family affordable products.
All of a sudden I had a sourcing, researching, sampling obsession and from that I found a deep love for Turkish Cotton and Chasing Sundays was born 
What’s not to love about Turkish Cotton?
It is lightweight, compact, quick drying, absorbent, sand resistant, soft, versatile, practical, eco friendly AND stylish
~ Beverley Dyer. Founder of Chasing Sundays.

Chasing Sundays have a gorgeous range of towels in different styles and colour schemes, from kids ponchos to luxe beach towels, beach bags, roundies and even caps for both adults and children. 
The dyes used meet the human ecological requirements of the standard presently established for baby product and the company that hand looms and hand tie the tassels in Turkey, has been operating since 1972. It always feels so good to know you are supporting a family, someones dream, someones passion, when you shop small ~ knowing that the little company you support, is in turn supporting another small company through good manufacturing policies.

If you are on the lookout for Turkish towels, I say look no further. These towels look amazing at the beach, and in the bathroom, even on the lounge as a snuggle blanket! 

Say hi to our friends at @chasing.sundays on Instagram
And have yourself a magical wonderful inspirational kind and eco friendly, 2017!

All the love from my family to yours

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