Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Hi loves! This summer is a hot one over here and I know so many of you are in the middle of snow blizzards and minus degrees and we are here melting in 35+ and 80% humidity... 
When it is summer in Australia, the kids just run around in the bare minimal all day long. It can get pretty hot and pretty humid over here, so it's good for the kids to be free and comfortable all day long. A pair of shorts for the lads and swimsuits for the little ladies. I normally just throw a skirt on top of Miss W's swimsuits and we are good to go! 
This was a fun little adventure! We went to one of the local beaches, which has an amazing little forest surrounding it, amazing trees to climb and lovely rockpools and shallow surf to play in. Mr C had on his absolute favourite shorts of the season, the SUDO flashlight cargo shorts in blue.  The quality and fit of these shorts are absolutely amazing! They can be dressed up with a white classic button up shirt or can be dressed down to casual wear with a pair of vans and a plain white tee. We matched it with the fabulous Sudo kids Mr gallant bamboo print tee. This tee is a slim fit tee, with zippers on the side and a lovely split fabric of cobalt blue/ bamboo print. Of course he wore his SUDO KAI jet sunglasses as well, they are super cute, lightweight sunglasses that protect the eyes and also look the part. No doubt! This truly is one of my favourite places to go this summer. It's nice to go to sheltered beaches where you can relax a little knowing the kids are safe from.. you know.. big sharks! It's funny how you can spend an entire lifetime not worrying about strong sun and sharks, and then your location changes and you have to readjust your mind and think about sharks and dangerous sunrays all the time! I don't know how long it will take me to get used to it, but at least I have found some really good ECO sunscreens to ease my mind when the kids are playing in the sunshine. 
[Moo goo has a lovely sun screen. Nourished Life sells a couple of really good eco sunscreens as well] You want your children protected, but without all the nasties you can find in sunscreens. Pondering how the cancer council sunscreens contain so many chemicals known to be damaging to the skin... Anyways, thank goodness there are so many good eco and organic alternatives these days and that your children's delicate skin can be protected from both the sun and harsh chemicals. 

Which sunscreen if your go to?

I hope you enjoy your summer and that 2017 is off to a wonderful and fun start filled with sunshine, no matter how hot or cold it is in your part of the world!

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Mr C is wearing

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Minti Sea Shore Swimsuit


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