Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Hi loves! How have you been? Here its been hectic lately, and HOT too! About 40 degrees the last few days! But then, as summer has arrive, what better than thin and loose clothing?
When it comes to quality, SUDO is widely known to be at the top of their game. This highly established Melbourne brand has been in the children's fashion world since 2003, and the first thing that hit me the very first time I held a SUDO piece, was that this quality is amazing! I remember the first piece we got: It was a little tee with a lion printed on the back. Cutest thing ever! Now, we have had the pleasure of trying lots more from SUDO and one of the main things for me as a mom of two very active kids, is that clothing wash well and wear well. You can wash SUDO pieces over and over and they do not fade in colour or quality! I have been so in love with all the pieces we have ever owned and have been sad when the kids have outgrown them.
This season we have gotten to try out a little bit or girls and a little bit or boys wear, I will share our boys picks soon, but I wanted to show of this amazing little Layla jumpsuit in super soft Rayon and the little rain dance knitted hoodie  Both these pieces are stunning, and will be worn on repeat this entire summer! The jumpsuit has the best fit, delicate, feminine and lovely. Miss W adores this and has been asking to wear it every day, and so she has. SUDO has also made amazing little sunglasses this year, Miss W chose the blush Peyton sunglasses and they compliment this amazing little outfit perfectly. I have to say, this is my favourite SUDO collection yet. I hope you will love this as much as we do. Also, SUDO has a spend and save campaign running till midnight Dec 15th 2016.
It offers $20 off when you spend $100, $50 off when you spend $150, $100 off when you spend $300.

I hope you like our little beachy adventure and remember to subscribe to the blog so you can see which pieces Mr C picked out!

And have a lovely school holiday!
We are so excited to have our big boys home for 6 weeks!!!

Karianne @freeandwildchild 

Miss W is wearing 


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