Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Feather drum launched their first season 3 years ago, and during this time, Kelly has grown so much as a designer and Feather Drum has grown so much as a label. I love shooting Feather drum every season, to us, that is the beginning of the season. There is no summer without having been on a FD adventure. If you check the link at the top, you will see how many fun (and HIGHLY) bright adventures we have been on, haha I love looking back at these features.. See how the kids have grown so much... it takes my breath away!

We actually just went out on a whim this day: on Wednesday the whole family skate together in one of our favourite neighbourhoods and normally, though immensely beautiful, I just never see how I could photograph this place well, but this day, thank goodness I brought my camera (After tossing up weather or not to leave it in the car because 1) I hate skating with 4000$ worth of equipment 2) If the light wasn't great it would be pointless anyways...) Well thank goodness I bought it! It turned out the sun was in the exact right spot for Miss W to jump around in her Feather Drum Anais playsuit Floriade while Mr C was climbing on the amazing fallen mangroves. Then I changed Missy into her amazing blush Beatrice Summer maxi tulle skirt and soon after followed many lovely twirls among the mangroves. This skirt blows my mind, how stunning it drapes! And with that charcoal Mid stripe Muscle tee to tone it down a bit, I say this was a pretty perfect outfit! Miss W was just in awe with all that gorgeous tulle, and I just LOVE how this tulle is so lush! There is noting I dislike more than tutu-tulle that is made cheaply and it never ever gets into my house, so rest assured that if there is ever anything tulle on this blog, it is next-level-tulle! It just has to be classy like Feather Drum's! Truly. 
I love both Feather Drum Savannah and Bloom collections this season, but Bloom goes the extra length for me and wins as my absolute favoruite Feather Drum, since the stone rose print <3 

I hope you will enjoy our little Wednesday afternoon adventure
Thank you for dropping by. 

Miss W is wearing

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