Wednesday, 19 October 2016


My grandpa was a captain. He was also a fisherman. My grandma travelled the seven seas with him. Most of my aunties and uncles on my mothers side have also travelled across the world and seen our planet in all its glory. Yes, the salt sea and the fresh ocean mist on our faces, runs through our veins. On this day we were out exploring our neighbourhood, which happens to be along the beautiful NSW coastline, and we were on our way to this lovely park with a loooong smooth trail to skate, when I suddenly shouted out to Chris: "Stop!! Right here! Don't you think this is the most gorgeous little place ever?" The sun was shining, there was not a cloud on the sky and the ocean and the sky melted into one turquoise medley on the middle. "We must return here after our skate" I said. And off we went skating and playing at this lovely playground for hours and when we returned I was so excited to photograph the kids while they explored. I had this vision of them surrounded by these beautiful blue hues when suddenly the sea washed in a whole bunch of cotton clouds and it took only a few minutes from we arrived, till the sky was completely grey. "Oh Chris, now it won't be as beautiful as I had wished it to be" I said, thinking we should just explore a little and save it for another day... But then I realised that their beautiful clothing, was from Nico Nico's AW16, and that it would, in fact, be a good thing to not have a summertime feel to our little adventure. And so we had a lovely hour exploring the old boats, the old boathouse and play around on the huge jetty, before rounding off at the coolest little playpark where the Gala's and huge cockatoos were joined in a [not so peaceful] harmony.

I get inspired differently by different brands: Nico Nico is one of those who always makes me crave nature and wild hair.  Miss W was wearing her new season virgo speckled culottes, this ochre colour is just like a beautiful piece of sunshine on a cloudy day and as always, the Nico Nico muslin woven fabric is so soft you wish you could sleep on it. And speaking of soft, her soft white Mercury reversible bomber jacket, with that beautiful and cuddly sherpa, now we are talking ultra soft <3
[and yes I am totally jelly, and sad that I missed my chance at getting this bomber for myself. Incredible piece of clothing]
Miss W was running around all snug and warm with her "best girl" Winnie, and the cool captain Sailor, the two gorgeous and so finely detailed collaboration dolls by our friends at Miann&Co and PAXANDHART until she decided to make sure they had a lovely seat in the little boat while she kept on exploring. I love that Miann & Co take such good care of the people who make their crochet pieces. Supporting small communities and making sure everyone is treated well and get a fair wage. 

"We launched wanting to create a platform for well designed, ethically made kids products.
All of our crochet products, baskets and floor rugs are made from the comfort of women’s homes around the world allowing them flexible working conditions to work around their family needs something we are extremely proud of"  Founders of Miann & Co Rebecca and Terence Meyer.
Nico Nico shares the same policies on ethical manufacturing; Fairly made in the USA with organic and sustainable materials. Mr C wore his Juno speckled tunic which I paired with his neptune stripe pants and Galaxy Mercury bomber jacket. He wore his sage coloured Lillster eco-socks in his eco friendly and handmade spanish kicks by VEJA from Romper stomper kids. A little later he wanted to change, and hopped into his favourite LS tee, the Nico Nico Flash, and his super duper soft spirit harem pants. Lucky kid. I could have worn all his clothes myself!
I hope you love our little boating adventure. Wish we were on the deep blue sea for authenticity reasons, but kids climbing boats I guess can only happen while the boat rests safely at shore <3 Thank you so much for popping by ~ I hope you enjoy and leave here ecologically and ethically inspired


Mr C is wearing

Miss W is wearing

All soft and cuddly toys by


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