Monday, 17 October 2016


Hi friends! How have you been? 
Some of you may have seen that I shared a little waterfall sneak peek on instagram a little while ago, and I am so happy to finally share with you our little local adventure. 
So we suddenly decided to find a waterfall! We just woke up in the morning and said " What shall we do today?" "Waterfall' "OK! lets go!" and so we did. This waterfall is about 20 min from where we live and its a gorgeous little fall. A bit scary when you have a fearless climber with you but all in all, we went well! [but if you ask the peeps who sat at the edge of the fall, how they felt as Mr C came bouncing past sooo close to the edge of the 15 meter rocky drop, then tippy toes around like ain't no thang, well, lets just say that they might not agree] It's a gorgeous place this hidden treasure, and we explored around here for hours! The kids just love nature so much.. As do we! This is our happy place: Out wild and free!

Gro company is a danish children's label, that caters to all children from newborn to 10 years and for our waterfall adventure, Lilo was dressed in her favourite Gro AW pieces. This girl just loves a good skirt and the circel skirt is beautiful! It has a perfect twirl and it is soooo soooo soft and comfortable. I paired it with the sweetest little l/s tee in my favourite colour, soft beige with a hint of a pink undertone. Love it! These are not our first Gro pieces, mind you. We have had a black puffer vest for the last 2 winters and we have both, W and I, loved it so much! This brand is amazing when it comes to simplicity, detailing and of course, impeccable quality!! You know right away when you touch these pieces, that they are of the highest quality and will last to be handed down. When I received my order I got super excited! We also got single bed spreads with European pillow cases, and the quality is just out of this world. Oh you must give this brand a go! I just cant rave on about it enough, and I can't wait to show you more from their lovely AW 16 collection. I paired her outfit with sun-san surfer sandals by saltwater sandals from Romper Stomper.  These sandals are great when you are exploring around the sea and the salt. The buckles wont rust, and they look good as new after time and time again being fully soaked in salt water. How genius is that? I love when my kids feet are protected against rocks and shells and urchins, but still 100% on style. The surfer sandals is much lighter and softer in the sole than the classic sandal, and I would recommend this type for the youngest ones. Mr C was wearing his fav Munster Kids opposites tee from their SS16 collection, and his Tuchinda shorts from last season.
His socks are by Pride socks ~ in support of the love is love movement, and they look so Venice 1972! In fact this whole outfit screams "Let's go surfing in Califoooorniaaaa!!" And hopefully, one day, we will! 

I hope you will have a wonderful week <3

All the love

Miss W is wearing

Mr C is wearing


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