Tuesday, 25 October 2016


We have been having many fun adventures in the city as of late. I am feeling more drawn than ever to  explore and enjoy all that the city has to offer. I love that we are close enough to pop down for a super fun visit, go to the park, scooter ride, see some cool street art and eat yummy food of course!

 We visited the cool Dumbo Brooklyn neighborhood this weekend which is one of our favorite places to go. The brooklyn bridge park is the best and is great for P to race around on his scooter.

He wore his new favorite Sweater from cool cat designer Caroline Bosmans, who as always created standout collection which includeded this awesome rainbow and cloud print. This print comes in a zip up jacket as well and It took me way to long to decide which one P would wear more! I went for the sweater before it was all sold out. We also got to try out his new beyond cool baggy trousers from  sweet brand Kid and Kind.   He loved them so much and was able to tear through the playground and rock freeze tag with total ease. I think he thought they were most awesome become he seemed extra super speedy! What good is kids fashion if you can't take it to the playground eh?  Then we strolled by a rad street exhibit which had some pretty amazing plays on scale. P could not take his eyes away! All in all a perfect fall adventure in the City.

Hope you all are keeping well,

much love, K+P

P Wears::

Slides, Akid Brand

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