Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Baaaabes! I can't believe it has taken me so long to share this with you, I guess time moves faster in the springtime hey? The clocks have been set (forward) and summer is truly on it's way, but also with the change of seasons comes a change of pace, and my pace will be slower. I have longed to take it easy for so long, and dig myself into photography and evolve. And so it is great to share with you this little Munster Kids adventure we had at a local mini golf  /putt putt course. I have felt utterly inspired by Hugh Holland and California lately. I mean, not really directly, I don't wish I was in Cali (or do I?) or in the 70's (who the hell am I kidding. I so totally would timetravel to Cali 1972 if it was up to me and the opportunity ever came knocking...)  but I also kinda love the Cali vibes you find right here where we live.  You must understand, I grew up surrounded by pine trees, not palm trees and the palm tree magic is real. I love them. I also love how the kids are skateboarding with their surfboards under their arms down the street. And the barefoot cruising... Mr C and Miss W in the future. No doubt! Anyways, so we were out driving and my sweet husband suggested mini golf. Like I have a hundred times before, I kinda rolled my eyes and brushed him off... but then I thought about it and said "sure! let's go! I'm not going to photograph anything today anyways" but then we arrived and putt putt was so much fun and before I knew it, the light suddenly got all kinds of magical and then there was a forest fire in the near distance and the lovely light turned a touch more red and it turned out, mini golfing in a run down 1960's course surrounded by long palmtrees and gorgeous light and lines, was the best decision ever! I feel that I really captured the magic in these moments, and hope you feel so too.

Munster Kids is one of those brands that inspire something good every collection. This brand is just so perfect for my littles. They love this brand! Every piece of every collection is cool, trendy and really comfortable. Miss W's (Munster Kids cactus flower cream) dress is so sweet! I love the straight cut and the little cacti with the pink flower print (I mean, succulents are all the hearteyes worthy, no?) I paired her dress with her favourite Tip toey joey sandals  and her  Happy sunglasses Amber by Sons + daughters. Next level outfit. I can't even! Mr C's tee (Munster kids slither grey marle tee) is the tee of the season: I adore this print and I am a sucker for prints on the back: always have been! I super dig! Munster Kids have several tees with prints on the back this season, and ALL are a great choice. But this tee is my fav fav <3 His shorts (Munster kids pits khaki shorts )are so comfy and soft! Best shorts you will find this season,unless you are looking for boardies, then Munster has you covered for those too as they make some of the coolest swimwear around for both boys and girls! 
And enjoy your season! Be it a orange and red autumn with lots of hot chocolates inside warm and snuggly cafe's with candlelight and spicy takeaway, or warmer days with red skies in the evening and salty air and smell of sunscreen in/on your nose... 
Whatever it is, you totally enjoy it. 

Thank you for popping by.
Embrace the change.


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