Monday, 31 October 2016


When it is springtime here in Australia there’s nothing better than going into the wild to enjoy a picnic on a cozy rug with a Mr Lion cushion!
And so Mr L did:  picnic on Miann & Co super soft floor rug and the best Snuggle  lion cushion to rest his little head on.
Mr L is a toddler so he can’t sit still for a second before he runs off and starts to explore the surroundings.  He tried to catch some fish in the lake nearby and loved playing hide and seek in the bush as his favorite game was “peek-a-boo” with the
Mr Lion cushion!
I’m in love with Minn & Co accessories and toys for children! They are so gorgeous and fun. I can see Mr L will treasure his lion pillow for years. They are also very nice for your child’s room. Beautiful décor and as well fun to play with . Another reason I’m a big fan is that they are ethically made in Asia by a passionate team of women in their comfort of their own homes. It’s allowing the women the flexibility to work around their family’s needs. Miann & Co has expanded their range to adorable knitted childrens wear as well and a lot of home decor for the whole family!
Leon is dressed up in the super soft knitted Fish jumper made of the finest 100% cotton yarn and it’s super soft! To make it easy to get over his little head it’s has a cute button opening. With it he wears the spring green grid shorts and beanie and of course his Saltwatersandels from Romperstomperkids.
I hope you all will have a great day exploring in the wild! xx Ingrid

Ingrid is a children's photographer located in the gorgeous coastal NSW. 
She is a regular contributor to the FWC blog. 

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 Mr L is wearing::

Saltwater Sun-San Shark Sandals from romperstomperkids

Friday, 28 October 2016


Mr L and I had a mothers and Son day the other day! I love those days, just to hang out with my favorite little person! It's not every day anymore, as he has started daycare two days a week! He is such a big boy now and he changes from day to day. A new word, a new skill... But this day it was just mama and Mr L : No one else around, just him and I on adventures! We started the day with checking out a cool little neighborhood with some funky cafes. I was in a need for coffee and Mr L got treated to a milkshake. Doesn’t happen to often but today was a special occasion. Of course It’s not to relaxing to sit at a coffee shop with him, he sits still for about 1,5 min until he finish his drink and then he’s up and running. We went down to our local lagoon and he found the boats to play with! They left a paddle behind so he was playing pirate captain all afternoon.

He got dressed up in the innovative children’s lifestyle brand eeni meeni miini moh. They create amazing quality clothes for active little boy and girls perfect for Mr L. Best clothes to play in and have fun all day and trust me the fabric survived a few falls that day! They are made from soft 100% cotton Jersey,  and designed for comfort and ease of movement for the most active kids and of course they are ethically made. Mr L wears the cool tank top with a silver bear screen print and I love the sporty citrus slouch shorts. It’s fun with really bright colors for the summer! Our favorite hat for the summer is going the be their bucket hat! It’s perfect for sun protection from the strong Australian sun with it’s wide brim and adjustable toggle to make the hat sit on his head. To make it fun it’s has a fun cactus print on the top of the hat! Eeni meeni miini moh designs clothes from newborns to 12 years old and they make the best underwear for children! They surely have your little one covered!

Have a great day exploring! xx

Ingrid is a children's photographer located in the gorgeous east coast Australia. 
She is a regular contributor to the FWC blog. 
You can see more of Ingrid's work for FWC: here
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Mr L is wearing

Captain Courageous T-shirt and Silver bear Tanktop

slouch shorts citrus

Cactus bucket hat

Munster cap

Shoes Vans

Socks: lillster

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Surf shaka palmtrees peace signs rainbows hippie love! 
Yo yo yo I am so happy to bring you these fun little captures of my little funky bunch! It's not often that I manage to capture their cheekiness like this and I love it! I was asked by my dear friend Suzanne from Island State Co if I could help her shoot some lookbook pics for their website and of course I said yes because:: FUN!!  Island State Co is Australia's first eco surf brand for kids, inspired by peace and a long-term respect surfers have had for our planet. We hope to become known for our love and positivity, and our adoration of a laid-back surf life. says Suzanne on their website that launched this past friday!! We love this so much! Organic, ethical and eco dyed to perfection in bright and sunny tones! Amazingly beautiful quality! Yep this Byron Bay based brand has really nailed it! Shaaaakaaa! We can't wait to see where Island State Co will be going, but I am without a doubt, it will be a tropical and gorgeous adventure. Best of luck on your new adventure to our dear friends <3 
Please do check out their brand new website! It's sooo beautiful and there is definitely a few little cheeky monkeys you will recognize as well :)
Their original lookbook is shot by @breehawaii who is an amazing gypsy goddess photographer who lives in Hawaii, you can see all her images and purchase the full collection Here:: 

ENJOY my loves and happy happy thursday xox