Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Hi dear ones! Welcome SPRINGTIME here in the southern hemisphere! Yay, our favourite time of the year is here and how better to celebrate it than with a beachy paradise adventure, featuring one of my all time favourite organic brands, Paper wings! There was only a handful organic labels back in the day when my littles were teeny, and I have mentioned before how Mini Rodini and Baobab was of the two organic brands I would always go to, but did you know my most favourite pieces from Miss W was little, are Little wings by Paper wings? Sure is and those pieces are some of the very few pieces I have no chance at parting with... EVER! You see, these pieces leave a mark in your soul. They are colourful, imaginative, happy and really cute! If you have followed us for a while, you will know my little Miss is not a frillsey cutesy girl, but Paper wings has always been a fabulous match with her... They have the right amount of frill and cutesy, it's there, but its not over the top! I must tell you that my first love from their SS16 collection is the pink bunny harems! They are SO good! Missy will live in these during the spring and summer evenings. I love the little bunny and the perfect shade of pink. W agrees; best pants ever! The little singlet is also from the toddler collection, Little wings, and I thought the frill on the hem was so cute! I think Miss W is growing a bit girlier every day... (And 4! She is turning 4 this coming weekend!!!!) 
I also immediately fell for this swimsuit! I love the bow in the back, it is such a beautiful detail and the fit is so good! The colours and the qualit is fabulous. I am sure you would love them!
To match the swimmers we went with some red and white stripe harems, but by the time we got into those, the sun was gone and the cold winds made us run for shelter. Can't wait to show you more! 

We played in the beautiful white sand till the sun had sunken deep into the sea, and then it got freezing and we headed to a local restaurant and ate fish and chips, pasta, sweet potato chips and burgers until it was time to buckle up and for daddy get us safely home again! It was a lovely adventure, and I cannot wait till we head up that way again! Hopefully soon! There is just something about white sandy beaches that gets me every time! 

Happy springtime friends. Or Autumn ~ depending on where you are <3 <3 <3 



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