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Heya, folks! I know that you might find the title of this post slightly misleading. Winter isn't coming this minute in Sweden, or even any day now. But up here in the cold north the seasons change quickly and it's always good to be prepared. So I am truly excited about all the perfectness that I Dig Denim is dropping. Our favorite brand, all categories, has outdone itself this fall because AW16 has everything, really.
I Dig Denim is hands down the best kids denim brand out there and this year they are bringing it, for sure. The perfect skinnies, the gorgeous knits, the warm parkas and, as always, the details. Everything is up to par with their usual greatness.
In the last post about IDD’s fall collection I showed you an outfit great for autumn weather and this post is more suited for winter. There is still so much more to show you but however many photos I take, I still feel like I could show you more. AW16 is a pretty big collection and the combination are endless so for this one I’ve focused on one outfit, alternating two of my favorite pieces in the range. Buster, the checkered lumber jacket-like shirt is new for this season and I’m telling you, the mix between a thick shirt and a thin quilted jacket is amazing. Perfect for early fall, and with a knitted sweater underneath it works well even during winter. Lester, IDD's winter parka, was available in last year’s line-up but now it comes in two new colors – black and green. The sheepskin-like lining is warm and comfortable and the hood is oversized and perfect.
If you think that the parka looks huge on the kid, then it's because it is. Mr. W normally wears size 110/116 and the parka in the photos is size 122/128. A bit on the big side but I'm hoping that he'll grow a bit before winter hits. But too big or not, both jacket and shirt will be staples in the kid's wardrobe and who knows? Maybe the winter will be super cold and I can put the thinner jacket underneath the parka. :)
On top of the great outerwear there are the knits! Geez, don’t get me started on the knits. The choice of beanies is great this fall and there are several knitted sweaters that are to die for. The off-white cable knitted sweater, Frits, that the Mr W wears in the photos is perfect in both color and softness. Not at all itchy and warm enough for cold winter in the north. And the Zion beanie will be a big hit, for sure. Call it mustard, maize or maybe golden poppy but the rich yellow and rusty orange tones are most certainly a trend this fall. The model is perfect rolled up like a chimney hat but it also works as a looser style beanie and it brings out the grey denim tones brilliantly. Then there is the grey beanie called Wyatt (I think it is actually from I Dig Denim Woman but I could be wrong here) and it fits Mr W like a glove.
One thing that hit me about this year’s AW-collection is the larger range of non-denim items. The jeans are just as gorgeous as ever, of course. Our beloved Arizonas come in a darker blue wash and the new skinny model Bruce is so perfect that I want them for myself. Yet what I love most is that we now have so much more from this favorite brand of ours. Like the baggy vintage-washed mix between joggers and jeans, complete with elastic waist and cuffs at the wrists. Or the charcoal version of the Drest sweatpants in this post. I could basically have Mr W wear nothing but IDD all winter and he'd be looking cool too.
From what I’ve seen, the collection seems to be equal to the past ones size-wise which means that it is relatively true to size. Though if your kid is between sizes, I’d size up. A bit too large is always better than too small, right? For example, Mr W wears every item one or two sizes to big in this post since the clothes need to fit him over winter and these photos were shot in the beginning of August. (I might have to downsize the parka though, LOL, because the kid is kind of drowning in that.)
I'm still hoping for another couple of weeks of summer and then a month or two of gorgeous fall - but when winter does decide to come, we are ready for it. Thank you so much for that I Dig Denim! And to all you others: have a great week!
xoxo /Linn
Linn is a regular contributor to the FWC blog. To learn more about Linn and Mr W see: here
You can follow Mr W and his mama Linn on instagram: @my_kid_Willem And you can find their blog here: Threads that count  

Mr W is wearing:

"Wyatt" Grey Beanie, 
“Buster” Checkered Lumber Jacket, 
“Drest” Charcoal Sweatpants, 
“Frits” Off-white Cable-knitted Sweater, 
"Lester" Black Winter Parka, 
“Zion” Mustard yellow beanie

All from I Dig Denim AW16

The IDD AW16 collection will be available at I Dig Denim’s own website and through several retailers. I usually go for Toddlers and Tees or but if you are in Australia you can always count on Hipkin.

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