Tuesday, 27 September 2016


There’s something magical about the last hour at the beach just before the sun goes down. As a photographer you always look for that golden light. That mystical light.
 I just love to go down and play on the beach with Mr L at that time of day and it’s so nice to feel the fresh breeze from the ocean.
At our favourite little beach they are doing some construction, building a new boat ramp for the summer. It’s a fun playground for him and I love the industrial looking backdrops. There’s not to many of them were we live.
We went to the city also and found a great outlook of the city high up in a skyscraper! Leon was a bit afraid to go out to the balcony. I didn’t blame him.
Mr L is wearing the coolest little illustrated, and hand screen printed, T-shirts from Lion of Leisure.
I just love that their clothes are non-seasonal / timeless. From the beginning husband and wife team, Saskia and Matthew, has made it clear that they wish their products to always be on point, not just for a few months until the next season collections drop.  Their aim is to make timeless pieces that will last and can be handed down after the children grow out of them. They make new prints and expand their non-seasonal collection all the time. The illustrations are so beautifully drawn and I love that they come with a bit of sass and humour. Mr L is in the age where he wants to decide what to wear and animal prints are his favourite!! Mr L is wearing the Lion jumper who says Aaaaaahh…, The very cool High five bear hand and express yourself inking octopus! So good!
Lion of Leisure use biodegradable water based inks that are not harmful to your bub or the environment. The tees are made of the softest GOTS certified cotton.

I hope you all will Enjoy your late spring evenings!
Kind Regards,

xx Ingrid Sjödahl

Ingrid is a children's photographer located in the gorgeous coastal NSW. 
She is a regular contributor to the FWC blog. 

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 Mr L is wearing

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