Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Hi Everyone,
I’m so excited to be blogging again. I have had a bit of a break as we have been moving houses and it has been so very busy. Now we have finally settled again and Leon loves our new home! I’m very excited to go out for adventures with Leon again! Now the summer has come to Australia and we can start to hang out at the beach and to wear shorts! On the weekend we went down to the local beach and watched Mr Ls daddy go for a surf. Of course little Mr L had a practice go on his surfboard.
Another great thing here in the Land of Oz is that it is pineapple season now! I wanted to purchase a great looking pineapple with the green leaves for the shoot but they were all cut of at the fruit shop because it’s easier for the farmers to pack and transport them that way. I became a bit disappointed but had to be creative and Instead Leon was able to play with three pineapples on the beach before we enjoyed the sweet taste! ‘Yummy Yummy’ he says.
Mr L is matching the season with wearing the cutest pineapple shorts from the Australian organic label Mickey Rose and the beautiful illustrated Giraffe T-shirt.
Mickey Rose’s new spring collection is very Safari inspired with the Giraffe, Zebra and Arrow prints as well as the pineapples!
Mickey Rose is a unique, fun, and eclectic designer children’s label. All garments and accessories are handmade with love, from the heart of Melbourne, Australia.
Head designer and owner, Adriana Andelkovic, aims to produce adorable, affordable, ethical, and structurally sound garments and accessories.The garments are all handmade in Melbourne with organic (GOTS) cotton and 100% organic and digitally printed. Digital printing is a very unique technology and there are no harmful chemicals used in the process so all the better for your Bub and as well for the environment.
Each collection is for the little's from 3 months to 3 years old. She designs as well a great collection of Drips & Bibs. Something when Mr L was little I had to change every half hour and could never had enough of them.
Another great reason I love Mickey Rose is they donate each year to children’s charities foundations recommended by customer, or a charity close to their heart. 

I wanted to share a few words from Adriana from her website, that made me tear up a little. Such heartfelt words, that describes her brand and background so flawlessly.

Cancer is a subject close to my heart and something that has really affected me, who I am today, and the development of our brand.
I was 16 when we lost Rosetta, my mother’s best friend, to cancer. She was like an aunty to me and my inspiration for so many different reasons. She was a mother, a public speaker, a hard worker, and the kindest soul I ever had the pleasure of knowing. This label is in her loving memory because she believed in me and my dreams of becoming successful in the fashion industry when I was young and naive.
Then, at the age of 18, the world lost my Dad, Mick, to cancer. My world was turned upside-down. He was a father, a business owner, a stubborn and strong soul, but had more love to give than you would believe. This label is in his loving memory because he always kept me grounded but supported my dream til his very end.
And from this experience, I learnt life is too short, so with a heavy heart, I follow my dream, and now bring to you the next generation of children’s fashion with, Mickey Rose.
Enjoy your summer and make shore you taste the pineapples!
Lot’s of love Ingrid xxx

Ingrid is a children's photographer located in the gorgeous coastal NSW. 
She is a regular contributor to the FWC blog. 
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