Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Hello hello, divine friends!
I am so happy to finally share this little adventure with you! We had the best day, again, at our favourite park (in the woooorld!) Fagan park, on the lovliest of fathersdays! This park has captured me so much, we just keep going back as often as we can, and I guess if you look at the amazing light and the great captures I do get from there, ((see here)) you'll understand. It's such a versatile and fun park. Big. Botanical. Playarea. Picnic area. Eco gardens... the works! and to go there, exploring with my littles, is one of my favourite things. Of course, this day wasn't all about getting the right shot, in fact, most of our adventures are pure fun, and me bumping in with my camera every now and then. The kids are used to that, and back in the day when I just had dogs, t h e y were used to it as well.. I guess, photographer is a photographer does. Me, I never had any kind of training or courses, I just go with it. Love trying out new lenses. Love catching different light. Loved getting a good camera (Canon 6D for those who wonder. With a 50mm gold line lens on this day) And I think photography is ACE! and think my kids are even more ACE so we are a match made in heaven for sure!

Another match made in heaven is o r g a n i c and e t h i c a l l y manufactured clothing! So many companies go for organic OR ethical, but me, I love the brands that do 100%! And one of those brands is Huxbaby who I happen to be a huge fan of from the get go! I love Jen and her dedication to her brand and the environment and the babies who will wear it. Huxbaby ranges from size newborn to 4 years, Melbourne designed. To see previous Huxbaby adventures from FWC, ((see here)) I love the colourscheme this season -the very soft pink and the really soft green is just so beautiful and so gentle. No one can do minimalistic colouring better, I say! I adore! 
(I do love monochrome, but I'm happy to see some colours coming from this brand. The colours are delicate and pale, perfection for the minimalist lovers!)
I matched Miss W's outfit with some old fashion pink socks from La coqueta kids, and her grey Vans from Romper stomper kids 

Mr C was wearing the Mimobee x Free and Wild child collaboration tee I designed with Mimobee earlier this year, and his favourite I dig denim Alabama Blue jeans. With his sisters farmers hat, he looked so cute. Like a little farmer dude <3 
We ran around, ate a lovely lunch, skated, flew away on the flying fox, spun around  amillion times in daddy's arms, rolled around on the grass, had stick fights and Mr C even had a moment photographing his momma. It was a long and gorgeous Sunday... Simply wonderful <3

I hope you enjoy. 
All the love, Karianne xx

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Miss W is wearing

Mr C is wearing
Country Road High crown raffia hat



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