Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Hi friends! How has your August been this far?
Let me tell you, over here in the land downunder, it has been amazing! Except for one freezing cold day [yesterday] it has been lovely springtime [european summer] weather for over a week and we have been in shorts and skirts lazying around on the beaches [not entirely true. We scavenger hunt for shells and seaglass and we pretty much do not sit still for even a moment] I am just so ready for the long summer days. Beach dinners and ice creams! And all the amazing summer clothes! 
One of the Brands I have loved getting to know over the years, is Bondi label, Printebebe.
Having worked as Fashion Editor on both Madison and Vogue Australia for the last 15 years, the birth of her daughter, put a new spin on things for Fiona, the mother behind this beautiful brand. Printebebe is a combination of Fiona's love of fashion, mixed prints and mostly her daughter. Printebebe is a simple girls clothing range from 3 months - 5 years. Wear one stand out printed piece, or print on print. With Fiona's stylist background she can't help but mention, all these work best with tan strappy sandals [~Which is of course a statement I fully agree with. I love tan leather sandals and it was the plan when I dressed Miss W this morning, I picked out both her beautiful Eli Papanatas sandals and her comfy Tip toey joey sandals, but she decided her salties needed a testrun and as with any threenager, you cannot argue her shoe of choice, so black salties it was] 

This printebebe skirt is so beautiful and full. I love the quality and the twirl is amazing! Miss W loved the pockets for treasures! And the baby boho blouse is so stunning! It will be on repeat all summer long! So incredibly good, I so wish there was one this good in my size!! Perfect to be worn to give the skin a little break from the sunshine on top of swimmers, or for a birthday party or those really balmy summer night. 

And do you know what? summer will be here so soon! 
I simply cannot wait!!

xxx Karianne 

To purchase Printebebe, 
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